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The Best Way to eat a Mango:

Illustrated Step-by-Step Instructions

Mangos are wonderful fruit, but very messy to eat!  My late mother maintained that the only place to eat a mango was in the bath!

Now, thanks to our daughter Freyni, we have a much easier way to eat a delicious Mango:

How do you tell if a mango is ripe enough to eat?  It will be slightly soft to the touch.  It may still be green in parts, but much of it will be orange or even red.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • One ripe, juicy, succulent South African mango,
  • a cutting board (or plate),
  • a dessert spoon, and
  • a sharp kitchen knife or steak knife (a serrated blade works well).

Step 1: Locate the "equator" of the mango –the widest part.  Insert the knife and cut carefully all the way around the circumference.  You will be cutting along the sharp edge of the pip.


Step 2: Cut a second time around in the same cut, but angle the knife a bit to one side and deeper (about half-way through the fruit), so that you cut along the side of the pip.


Step 3: Grasp the two halves of the mango and twist in opposite directions.  The two halves will separate easily if you made the cut deep enough.  If not, repeat the step above and cut deeper along the side of the pip.



Step 4: Hold the half containing the pip.  Cut the flesh off the pip into the other half.


Step 5: Put down the half containing the pip.  Hold the other half: Using the spoon, scoop the flesh out and enjoy it.

Step 6: Take the half containing the pip.  Cut all around the equator underneath the pip (along the other side of the pip) until you have freed the pip.



Step 7: Using the spoon and the knife, lift the pip out and place it in the empty skin from the first half.

Step 8: Hold the remaining half: Scoop out the flesh and eat it.

Optional (and messiest) Step: Pick the pip up carefully with both hands (chase it around the kitchen if necessary until you are able to subdue it), grasp firmly but carefully in both hands, and chew off the remaining flesh.

If you want to avoid the mess, discard the pip and the flesh still on it, along with the skins.


The Result: A perfectly-eaten Mango!  (Compost the skins. Plant the pip in a pot or the garden and in 6–8 years you might be harvesting your own mangoes!)


Enjoy!  Bon appetite!  Eet smaaklik!

Credits: Photography: Judith Taylor.  Concept, demonstration and words: Rick Raubenheimer.  Mango: Woolworths, Rivonia (Sandton, South Africa).

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