Perfect10, Shop 6A, Woodmead Retail Park, Waterval Crescent, Woodmead, Sandton

A Nail and Body Studio that takes care of your total HEALTH and BEAUTY needs.

We offer reflexology, nail enhancements, manicures and pedicures, waxing, tinting, eyelash extensions, facials, massage therapy, and laser therapy.  Our highly qualified therapists are trained in the international brand protocols that we supply including , Nimue and Environ.  We offer gift vouchers. We provide a corporate service where we come to your workplace and offer treatments on site as a reward or performance incentive.

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Make a Booking

e-mail us for an appointment using this link:

Telephone:  011 656-9650

Fax (after hours): 011 656-9650

Visit Us

Take the Woodmead Exit from the M1 into  Woodmead Drive. (From the M1 North, turn left. And from the M1 South, turn right over the motorway). 

Go through the traffic lights at Woodlands Drive (McDonalds will be on your right)

At the next traffic lights turn right into Waterval Crescent.  Go almost all the way around the traffic circle so that you are going back towards the highway. 

Take the first gate left into the car park. 

Turn right into the parking lot, towards Pick n Pay

We are in the line of shops between the two entrances to Pick 'n Pay – next to Isjon hairdressers.

Contact Us

Jayshree Reddy.

Email: jayshreereddy80


Not compromising quality!

TIPS     Nimue Therapeutic Treatment  R 350.00
Natural Tips R 350.00   Cleanse, exfoliate, massage and mask according to the clients’ skin needs
French Tips R 360.00   Nimue Deep Cleanse Treatment  R 350.00
Funky/Coloured Acrylic Tips R 395.00   Deep cleanse, exfoliate, extract and mask according to the clients’ skin needs
Designer Sculptured Nails* R 430.00   Active Rejuvenation 15% Bio Active Complex  R 450.00
OVERLAYS     Facilitate dermal rejuvenation, reduction in pore size,  
Natural Overlay R 280.00   texture refinement and overall skin improvement  
French/Colour Overlay R 315.00   Booster Treatment  R 620.00
Add-on: Glaze R 30.00   An intensive boost in results and instant firming  
Add-on: Go Colour  R 60.00   7.5% TCA R 480.00
Add-on: Nail Art (per nail)  from R 5   Improves skin texture, enhance cell regeneration and  
Add-on: Genuine Swarovski Elements from R 5   overall skin health improvement  
Add-on: Hand Painted Nail Art (per nail)   from R10   35% Glycolic  R 480.00
REMOVALS & FILLS     Glycolic peel treatment indicated for environmentally,  
Natural Fill (2 weeks)  R 230.00   hyperpigmented and problematic skin  
Nail Tip Repair  R 50.00   Penta-Salaic R 720.00
Natural Nail Repair R 30.00   Indicated for acne prone skin conditions  
Sculptured Repair* R 55.00   Bio-Lacto  R 720.00
File, Buff & Shine (Acrylic)  R 90.00   Indicated for hyperpigmented skin  
File, Buff & Glaze  R 140.00   Eye Treatment R 160.00
Soak Off, Buff & Shine or Paint  R 160.00   Designed for the delicate eye area to increase hydration  
Soak Off with New Set  R 60.00   and result in a more youthful appearance  
HANDS & FEET     Back Cleanse  R 430.00
UV Gel Polish Application R 220.00   DERMALOGICA FACIAL TREATMENTS*  
Manicure R 175.00   Dermalogica Face Mapping  FREE
Spa Manicure R 220.00   Dermalogica Face Treatment  R 420.00
Pedicure  R 220.00   Customised treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, massage  
Spa Pedicure  R 270.00   and mask according to the clients’ skin needs  
Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure R 470.00   Dermalogica Deep Cleanse Face Treatment R 420.00
Buff & Paint R 115.00   Cleanse, exfoliate, extract and mask according to the clients’ skin needs
Gel Toes R 275.00   Dermalogica Ultra Calming Treatment R 460.00
Princess Express Mani & Pedi (up to 12 years)  R 220.00   Even the most sensitive skin can be repaired  
Add-on: Nail Polish  R 65.00   with the Ultra Calming Segmentation  
Add-on: French Paint  R 25.00   Dermalogica Clear Start Treatments (students) R 250.00
Add-on: UV Gel Polish  R 150.00   30min facial treatment to address teenage skin concerns  
Add-on: Paraffin Wax  R 60.00   Microzone (max 3 zones)  R 320.00
Add-on: Foot Peel Treatment  R 100.00   20min treatment focusing on treating a skin condition or zone  
Add-on: Foot Peel Treatment (heel only)  R 60.00   Age Smart R 530.00
MASSAGE THERAPY*     To treat premature ageing and stimulate the  
Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage (30min)  R 200.00   production of collagen and elastin  
Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage (45min)  R 250.00   BioSurface Peel Treatment  R 690.00
Swedish Body Massage  R 320.00   To brighten and treat skin pigmentation  
Deep Tissue Sports Massage R 400.00   Medibac Clearing  R 470.00
Aromatherapy Body Massage  R 320.00   Treatment to prevent and treat breakouts by absorbing excess oil  
Hot Stone Back & Neck Massage  R 300.00   ENVIRON FACIAL TREATMENTS*  
Hot Stone Full Body Massage  R 400.00   Environ Deep Cleansing Vitamin Treatment  R 320.00
Indian Head Massage  R 180.00   Deeply purifying, cleansing, de-congest and removes  
Foot Reflexology Massage R 250.00   impurities assisting with acne and congestion  
EYELASH EXTENSIONS*     Environ Student Facial Treatment R 280.00
Full Set R 520.00   Hands-on Vitamin Therapy R 390.00
2 Week Fill  from R 260   The ultimate vitamin therapy to soothe and restore your skin to its natural best
Per Lash R 30.00   Add-on: Alginate Mask R 70.00
Express Lashes R 260.00   Add-on: Galvanic R 65.00
Lash Removal  R 60.00   Add-on: Decollete R 100.00
TINTING     Back Cleanse  R 290.00
Brow Tint R 65.00   Guinot Beaute Neuve R 570.00
Lash & Brow Tint  R 120.00   Double peeling for a spectacular illuminating effect  
Brow Wax and Brow Tint  R 120.00   Hydradermie R 620.00
WAXING*     Deep cleansing, deep penetration, desensitising and deep moisturisation
Full Legs (women) R 200.00   Hydradermie Lift  R 650.00
Full Legs (men)  R 280.00   Ionisation and muscle stimulation for a lifting effect  
¾ Legs R 180.00   Hydradermie Lift Eyes R 390.00
½ Legs R 160.00   Lift treatment for eyes  
Basic Bikini R 125.00   Hydradermie Lift Deluxe  R 850.00
Brazilian R 195.00   Deep cleansing, deep penetration,  
Hollywood (women only) R 255.00   desensitising, deep moisturisation and muscle  
Underarms  R 85.00   stimulation for a lifting effect  
Full Arms  R 140.00   Liftosome R 650.00
½ Arms  R 95.00   The rejuvenating lifting treatment  
Full Back R 240.00   Hydraclean R 265.00
½ Back R 195.00      
Chest R 210.00   SPRAY TAN*  
Full Tummy (men) R 110.00   1 Session R 300.00
Tummy Line R 85.00      
Face (excluding brows)  R 150.00   *Please be advised that certain treatments are subject  
Brows or Lip or Chin  R 60.00   to availability.  

GUIDELINES: Please be advised that certain treatments are subject to availability. Booking in advance is recommended. Perfect 10 is not responsible for any theft, damage, loss or misfortune that may occur. Late arrivals will result in a reduction of treatment time while the full treatment fee will apply.  Prices are subject to change: The above list is not a commitment that these prices are still available –please check!  E&OE.

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