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POPI, the Protection of Personal Information Act, could derail your business with fines up to R10,000,000 and jail time up to 10 years. Read more below.

Improve Your Google Chrome with Extensions: Win7 Scrollbars

(this tip first appeared in the Software Africa Newsletter - September 2017: subscribe here)

Google Chrome is a good web browser, but it has some oddities.  One of these is that its scrollbars do not match the Windows 7 standard (originally, it had no arrow buttons at the ends of the scroll bars, and it still has a slider that is a "blob" rather than a button).

You can fix this appearance with the Extension "Win7 Scrollbars" from the Chrome Web Store.

Simple email Marketing Course: "Get Going"

Email is the easiest way to stay in touch with your prospects.  However, a problem looms towards the end of 2018.  At that stage you will require all sorts of approvals to put anyone on your mailing list.

Govt published draft regulations earlier this month to stop you reaching out to people via email in future. This is the Protection of Personal Information Act (aka POPI) starting to bite.

It is therefore essential that you start building your mailing list while it is easy.

But how? I'm glad you asked:

For two days only, Peter Carruthers offers you his R1297 email selling course at a R1000 saving. Invest R297 to build a lifetime sales engine!

Click here now to get a head start on direct selling: How to Use Email to Sell More to More People. And save R1000.  This offer expired on 30 September.

Free Webinar:  New Law Will Affect 650,000 Small-Business Owners!

Small Business guru Peter Carruthers writes:
"Each time government introduces a new law it costs us small-business owners time, effort, and money.
As well as immense angst each time someone writes about the potential fines and jail time. This time the fines go up to R10 million and the jail time stretches to 10 years.
It's enough to be frightening. Especially when you don't know why.
And that's what's happening regarding the new Protection of Personal Information Act, aka POPI and POPIA:
Free Seminar: Protection of Personal Information Act

  • POPI demands that we protect any personal information we hold. (This includes emails and phone numbers of clients, staff, suppliers, ...). And to secure it so we cannot lose it.
  • POPI demands that we submit certain documentation to government.
  • POPI demands that we monitor data leaks and report them to government. This includes PC losses and thefts (and maybe tablet and smartphones losses and thefts) because that's where we store our data.
  • In other words this is pretty intrusive legislation.

This new law is coming soon. There will be much noise and confusion en route. And a lot of professionals making big money out of our ignorance.
That's why I am offering an online webinar on POPI: For Small-Business Owners.

On Tuesday, 29 August, at 8 PM. It's free. Click here to join me online. We'll unpack the complexity into words of one syllable.

  • I will show you what needs doing.
  • And discuss the impact on your business.
  • And why it's important you address it now.
  • And answer your questions.


Click here to join me online at 20:00 SA Time on Tuesday 3 October or Tuesday 10 October PS: Or any Tuesday for the foreseeable future.
Please share this with any business owners you know. This is vital info which is not reaching enough of us.
Warm regards
Peter Carruthers"

All the best from Rick at!

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