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Welcome to the Megaplex Business Booster Newsletter as advertised in our longstanding Newsletter: "Shopping in Sandton".  This short monthly newsletter will give you quick tips that can make your business more profitable, safer and --possibly-- more fun!

On-Line Business Tip:
Google My Business" (3)


Last month and the previous month we suggested that you create or claim a listing of your business on Google My Business.

Now, fill in your business's details: You need the name, address (make sure it appears on Google Maps), phone number, web address, and opening hours. You find these under the   Info  tab, as shown in the picture of the main menu on the right.

Other items (not shown in the picture) are:
Reviews, Photos, Website, Users,
Create an ad, Add new location,
Manage locations, Linked accounts,
Settings, and Support.

Online Scams IV: The 'Nigerian' 419 Scam

Named after the 4.1.9 section of the Nigerian penal code, the 419 scam is an 'advance fee' fraud which has suckered many unwary Internet users.

You receive an email generally marked "urgent" or "confidential" from someone asking for your help in moving "millions of dollars" out of their country. Often the scammer claims to be a Nigerian bank manager, a Nigerian government official, the wife of a deceased Nigerian general, an official with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, or other 'important' person. Sometimes the scammer claims to be a church minister, a US Marine in Iraq or Afghanistan, or a tragic widow dying of cancer (and you're her last hope), etc.

The variations of 419 'Advance Fee Fraud' are highly creative and virtually endless. Always there is an offer of giving you a percentage of a "vast sum of money" for your help moving the money out of the country. The money, naturally, doesn't exist. Common variations on the scam include: needing help moving millions of dollars from a forgotten account, getting diamonds or gold out of the country, a frozen inheritance, oil money, charity money, etc.

At some point, the victim is asked to pay up front an Advance Fee of some sort, be it an "Advance Fee", "Transfer Tax", "Performance Bond", or to extend credit, grant COD privileges, send back "change" on an overage cashier's cheque or money order, etc. If the victim pays the fee, there are often many "complications" which require still more advance payments until the victim finally runs out of money.

Naturally, you should not reply to such emails, unless you have a throw-away email address, time to waste, and want to tie up the scammers while amusing yourself, as in this hilarious TED video.

(some information from

Like More Customers?

You cannot advertise in this Newsletter.

However, you can advertise in Megaplex's other Newsletter: “Shopping in Sandton” goes out early in each month to shops, businesses, and individuals mostly in Sandton and Bryanston, an area with many of the highest disposable incomes in Africa.   The Newsletter has run continuously since November 2009.  Circulation is over 6000. 

You can have a column advert or a banner if space is available.  The column adverts are about 50 mm wide (200 pixels) stacked down the left-hand edge.  Horizontal banners in between sections are a maximum of 20 mm high and grow or shrink to suit the width of the main text.  You can include text and small pictures in both kinds of adverts.

What's The Cost?

Banners cost just R250 + VAT per issue (minimum 2), with discounts for more paid up front (10% off for 4, 20% off for 6, 33.3% off for a year).
For Column adverts, a square (200 x 200 pixels) costs the same as a banner. Higher or shorter ones are priced proportionately, thus one twice as high costs double.
There is an additional cost for the top of column, and top banner (only one of each, and none are available at present).

To get started, click here, fill in and send the resulting email.

For details and examples, please see

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