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Welcome to the Megaplex Business Booster Newsletter as advertised in our longstanding Newsletter: "Shopping in Sandton".  This short monthly newsletter will give you quick tips that can make your business more profitable, safer and --possibly-- more fun!

This month we have another tip to help make you a Google search expert, an email scam warning, and one sentence that –if used properly– could double your sales...

On-Line Business Tip: Google Hacks 3 - Social Media and Hashtags:

Would you like to know more than most about the world's most popular search engine? If you feel you could be using Google more effectively, read on!

Sometimes we want to search social media specifically. Put @ in front of a word to search social media. Example: @twitter.  To search for a specific hashtag, put # in front of the word. For example: #earthhour.

Your whole search of Twitter for Earth Hour might then be: @twitter #earthhour

Online Scams VIII: The International Sweepstakes Lottery Scam

A variation on the Nigerian 419 scam, the "You've won the lottery!" scam is an advance fee fraud where the victim is asked to put up a cash advance (they will not see the money again). It is perpetuated largely by Nigerian scammers claiming to be located in Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, Cape Town, etc.

You receive an email generally marked "CONGRATULATIONS!" or "confidential" which tells you you've won a lottery (that you of course don't remember entering), but that due to a "mix-up of lottery numbers" you need to keep this fact "secret" for now (while the fraudster scams you)

The scammer either wants your bank details or wants you to pay a sum of money for "processing" or "security" or "insurance." Any victim who pays the fee will never see their money again, yet the scammers may continue to ask for more and more money for various fees.

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Could One Sentence Get You More Sales?

If you sold more, would your life be better?

If you were more persuasive, could you sell more?

Would you like to, in half an hour, learn how to become much more persuasive?

If the answer is "YES", download this free PDF, The One-Sentence Persuasion Course by Blair Warren and study it (only 13 pages).

This tip came courtesy of Peter Carruthers, Academy of Business Owners.

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