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Welcome to the Megaplex Business Booster Newsletter as advertised in our longstanding Newsletter: "Shopping in Sandton".  This short monthly newsletter will give you quick tips that can make your business more profitable, safer and --possibly-- more fun!

This month we have another tip to help make you a Google search expert, an email scam warning, and one sentence that –if used properly– could double your sales...

On-Line Business Tip: Google Hacks – Related Sites:

Google is the world's most popular search engine. So it helps to know a bit more about using it than the average person.

It is easy to go to and type in words to search for. Google will then search for pages where all those words occur.  However, sometimes we rather want to look for sites that are similar to a website.

To do this, put "related:" (note the colon) in front of a web address you already know. For example,

That search turns up Eat Out, Restaurants South Africa, Mallguide, Government Gazette of South Africa, SA Commercial Property Investment News, Johannesburg Business Directory, and South African Tourism – proof of the versatility and uniqueness of Megaplex: Much copied in part, the whole seldom equalled.

Online Scams XI:  "Payment Confirmation #ref SARS eFILING" Scam

This is similar in some ways to last month's one.  You get an email:

From: Standard Bank []
Sent: 25 June 2019 21:01
Subject: Payment Confirmation #ref SARS eFILING

Dear user

A payment has been made to your account #ref SARS eFILING. CLICK HERE to  view the details of the payment

You may require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to open the PDF file. If you do not have this software, you can download it free of charge from

If you have any questions or would like more information, email or call our Customer Contact Centre on 0860 123 000. If you are calling from outside South Africa, call +27 11 299 4114.

Our consultants are available between 8am and 9pm on weekdays, and 8am and 4pm on weekends and public holidays.

Standard Bank

This looks pretty genuine!  It appears to come from a genuine email address at  There are genuine phone numbers.  The site for Adobe Reader is genuine.  There is a real Standard Bank logo in the graphic, and the contact details below [omitted here] also look genuine.

 How can you still tell that it is a scam?

  • Banks repeatedly tell us that they will never ask us to click on a link in an email, so that is probably the strongest indicator.
  • If you hover your mouse pointer over the "CLICK HERE" link, notice that it goes to an http (unsecured –secured would be https) site that has nothing to do with Standard Bank
  • If you DO click on the link, it goes to

  • Note the "Not secure" warning given by Google Chrome!
  • However, the page itself is an exact clone of the Standard Bank login page, and could fool most people!
  • Now, what was that about "requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF file" again?  This is a web site, not a PDF!
  • If you try to log in on the fake site, you can put in your email address, password, and cell phone number before Google Chrome (if Safe Browsing is On) warns you that it is a Deceptive site!  This is very dangerous!
  • In our case we are fortunate: Since Megaplex doesn't bank with Standard Bank, it is unlikely that even an outfit as notoriously incompetent as SARS would make a payment for us into an account there!

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