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Welcome to the Megaplex Business Booster Newsletter as advertised in our longstanding Newsletter: "Shopping in Sandton".  This short monthly newsletter will give you quick tips that can make your business more profitable, safer and --possibly-- more fun!

This month we have another tip to help make you a Google search expert,  another email bank scam warning, and convenient cottage accommodation in Morningside.

On-Line Business Tip: Google Hacks – Ask a Question:

Google is the most popular search engine in the solar system.  So it helps to know a bit more about using it than the average earthling.

Apart from opening and typing something you are searching for, you can also ask Google a question.  Try it now!

For example:

  • How many km is 1,000 miles?  (Answer:  1609,34)
  • What is normal human body temperature?  (Answer: 37 degrees Celsius)
  • What is USD 100 in ZAR?  (Today's response: 100 United States Dollar equals 1 537,30 South African Rand)

Online Scams XII:  "Standard Bank Account eStatement" Scam

Megaplex doesn't bank with Substandard Bank, so an email titled "Standard Bank Account eStatement 19-08-20" just has to be a scam.  But what if you DO bank there? 

Here's the email:

Very pretty!  So how can you tell it's a scam?  Here are some pointers:

  • While the sender's name displays as "Standard Bank", their actual address has nothing to do with the bank (this isn't always so – scammers can spoof an address
  • The email is addressed to "Recipients" or "Undisclosed Recipients".  The real bank will show your email address.
  • The attachment is an HTM file (a web page).  Your real statements come as a PDF.
  • The message says you will need Adobe Acrobat software to open your eStatement, but Acrobat is used to open PDF files, never HTM files (if you didn't know that, you do now!).
  • If you double-click the attachment, and you're using Google Chrome, it should warn you of a "deceptive site" ahead.  At the same time, AVG Antivirus should warn you of a phishing site. If you don't have that sort of protection, you might see an exact replica of the bank's login screen (which will try to grab your login details): This is your final safeguard – the bank will never send you a link to its website.

Be warned, however: The scammers are getting better!  Not only are they using email addresses that appear to come from the bank, some versions of this have instructions for the login web page, and not the reference to Adobe Acrobat.


Do You or Your Staff Need a Convenient Place to Stay?

Furnished Morningside Cottage to Let from 1 September 2019

Roomy secure garden apartment with double bedroom, ample bathroom, carpeted split-level lounge-dining room, fully-equipped kitchen, patio, garden and double carport. WiFi. Fully furnished and serviced including twice-weekly laundry. Close to Morningside and Rivonia shops and main bus routes, including two Gautrain bus routes. All for only R9000 a month for one person or R10,000 for two!

Call 082 389 3482, or reply to this email.


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