Shopping in Morningside, Rivonia and Woodmead:
November 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of Megaplex's monthly newsletter alerting you, the Sandton shopper, to all that is new, fresh, and exciting in Woodmead, Rivonia, Morningside, Morningside Manor and Gallo Manor!  Please feel free to support our advertisers!

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Restaurants in Rivonia,
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Rising Stars and Gems

Rebuilt: Morning Glen Shopping Centre

Morning Glen is the original shopping centre of Morningside Manor and Gallo Manor.  After many years of serving a growing community, it is now expanding substantially.  You will find it at the corner of Kelvin Drive and Bowling Avenue.  The new eastern half is close to complete, and almost all shops have moved in as of November 2009 (this is Phase 1, on the east –Bowling Avenue end).  Parking is free and both levels are open, but accessible only from Bowling Avenue just south (Kelvin Drive side) of the BP Garage and the post boxes.

On the lower level we have Picardy Rebel Bottle Store at the eastern entrance (the first one you come to) and Pick 'n Pay at the other end, deepest into the lower parking.  Most of the smaller shops are in between.

Morningside Pharmacy, Our Mica, and both hairdressers, are now on the upper level and looking forward to your business.  A new Woolworths will join them next year. You can only get from one level to the other at the eastern entrance, where there are stairs, a lift, and the vehicle ramp.

An interesting new shop on the lower level is Julie's Willowbrook – they stock children’s clothing (babies through to age 12), cot linen and accessories, and sleepwear. For an unusual gift this festive season, look at their cheeky aprons, tea towels, guests' towels, kitchen accessories and novelty gift items.  The owner, Julie Robinson, is wonderfully passionate about providing quality products and employment for South Africans (e-mail).

Rediscovered: Rivonia Square

This centre is on Rivonia Boulevard and Ninth Avenue in central Rivonia. Prominent tenants are the News Café, a good Pick 'n Pay, Rivonia Post Office, Truworths, two new restaurants, and Bookdealers of Rivonia. The centre was previously called The Cloisters (it was built on the site of a Convent). It was revamped in 2007 and is now a light, airy, pleasant centre.  Free parking has been extended to 90 minutes (parking entrance on 9th Avenue).

If you're a reader –you probably wouldn't have got this far otherwise– and you want a present for a like-minded person, visit Bookdealers on the upper level just off the Level 3 parking.  Allow lots of time, because a wealth of books awaits you.  The joy –if you want to save this Christmas– is that these books can cost a third of what they cost in (say) Elusive Books a few months before.  A lot of the books are remaindered, meaning that they are not hot-off-the-press best-sellers, but many are gems!  If you love books and your taste is not that of the herd, this is the place for you.

How to Leave the Casino with a Small Fortune...

...Go there with a large fortune!

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Restaurant Review (****) Back to top

Rocket Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, Rivonia Boulevard

A second visit after over a year found this restaurant as lively as ever, but revamped and cosier.  The veranda on three sides makes it feel very open and roomy.  We chose to share vegetable spring rolls for our starter.  These were crisp and delicious.  They also arrived very promptly after placing the order.  As main courses, we opted for the Chicken and Mushroom in a cream sauce with penne and the Smoked Salmon version as well.  The portions were large!

The dishes were excellent with well balanced flavours.  A bottle of Buitenverwachting Buiten Blanc was well-chilled and matched the meal perfectly.  It was obvious that Rocket has grown in popularity and has become a place for families to visit for a special night out.  Altogether a pleasant evening with good service, we went home with a feeling of contentment.

Contact details for Rocket Restaurant ~ More Restaurant Reviews

Overheard in the Bar...

The barman was walking along the bar taking orders:
Patron 1: "Jack Daniels, single!"
Patron 2: "Johnny Walker, single!"
Patron 3: "Julius Malema, married!"

Movers and Shakers  Back to top

They say the only constant is life is change.  Here are some recent changes:

  • Creative Minds, who offer Computer Courses (see advert), has moved from Rivonia Village shops to 315 Riet Avenue, off 12th Ave Rivonia.
  • Nedbank Rivonia has moved from Early Dawn centre to the bigger centre opposite (Rivonia Village on Rivonia Boulevard) and is now located up the escalators above Woolworths.
  • Curves Gym, the Ladies-only gym (sorry, guys!), has moved from Rivonia Village to 15 Wessels Road, 1st Floor (entrance in Ninth Ave: this used to be the Pearl Garden centre: It's where the Rivonia Post Boxes are).
  • Pomodoro Restaurant has moved from the Codfather centre to the new Morningside Shops, and a lovely restaurant they have there, on the upper level. Read Pomodoro Restaurant Review here:

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The Gone Dogs*  Back to top

*This is the title of a science fiction short story by Frank Herbert: A virus kills off the world's dogs.  Luckily the Martians have kept some canine DNA and they are able to clone new ones.  Just one thing, though: Like other Martian life forms, the new dogs all have six legs.

So, these are the dogs (and others) that have gone:

  • Harrison's Restaurant on 12th Avenue corner Stiglingh Rd, Rivonia closed June 2009, possibly deservedly.
  • SPQR Pizzeria and Restaurant, Early Dawn Centre, Rivonia Boulevard has closed.  Pity: we enjoyed it.
  • Kok Bin Chinese Restaurant in Early Dawn Mall.  Another one we liked.
  • Global Wrapps in Early Dawn Centre on Rivonia Boulevard has closed but a new one has opened in the "90° on Rivonia" Shopping Centre at Kelvin Drive and Rivonia Road.

More Fascinating Facts about Dogs

Did you know that all dogs have six legs?  You didn't?  You see, they have two hind legs at the back, and forelegs at the front... (groan)

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Away from the Mall: Fancy a Sunday Walk? Back to top

The town of Sandton is named after the Sandspruit.  This lovely little river flows from its source in The Wilds, enters Sandton at Innesfree Park, passes Ernest Uhlmann Park, forms the border between Rivonia and Woodmead, flows under the N1 Motorway, under (and sometimes over!) Witkoppen Road, and then into the Braamfontein Spruit in Paulshof at the end of Achter Road.

Stretches of the river are accessible to the public, and make for a pleasant 2- to 3-hour walk.  There are places where you would think you are out in the country.  We see waterfowl and many other birds.  Dogs are allowed (under control or on leads).

You are welcome to join us for a 2-hour walk on Sunday mornings to get to know the Sandspruit.  We start from 126 Kelvin Drive (opposite Gary Ave) at 08:00 sharp.  On 6 December we will go North (the more scenic walk) downstream towards 12th Avenue Rivonia, and return.  On 13 December we go South (more rugged) upstream via Ernest Ullmann Park to between South Rd and Katherine Street, and back.  To join us, call 011 802-6440/1 or e-mail us beforehand.  Donations of R10 to R50 per person for trail improvement are welcome.

You Know You are "Shopped Out" when...

The cashier asks how you are paying... you say "cash"... she asks "do you have any identification?"... you show her your ID... and neither of you realises your mistake!

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