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October 2010 Newsletter

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Shopper's Lament

Park, park, in the dark

If you’re in a hurry

Don’t try to park a big car

In the dark dark

Basement, with too many poles


Slip, slip on the tiles

If you’re in a hurry

Don’t try to run

You’ll end up with piles

Of bills for your pains


Where, where do I go?

If you’re in a hurry

Don’t try to find
the shop you once knew

‘cos its gone


Pay, pay for the parking

Pay, pay for the rent

Morning Glen was our favourite

Now it has went!


by Lucy Austin (Gallo Manor)


In August we said that Pick 'n Pay Clothing had moved out of the main Pick 'n Pay in Morning Glen Mall.  Not true: Pick n Pay Supermarket still sells clothing. The manager tells us (via Izilda) that the stock in the main store is different to that of the PnP Clothing store.

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At a party, the young man's aunt was introducing him to polite society.

A bookish matron, making conversation, asked him, "Dahling, do you like Kipling?"

Flustered, the young man stammered, "I ... I don't know ... I've never Kippeld."

New, Movers and Shakers Back to top

  • Go'spresso (Opened 13 October in the middle of Dunwoody Centre) – Café and conference centre. Light meals and meetings.  They do excellent food and are obliging.
  • Our Mica Hardware in Morning Glen Mall has moved from upstairs and become a DIY Depot, now just inside the lower level West entrance, under Woolworths.  It is greatly expanded – still with the same helpful and knowledgeable staff.
  • The Art Company (Shop 7 in Morning Glen Mall, replacing Quadra Art Gallery) – Picture Framers and Art Gallery. Custom framing, original South African art, speciality framing, easels and artists' canvas, framed mirrors, blockmounting, prints, photographic prints.
  • Perfect 10 Morning Glen (Shop 27 in Morning Glen Mall) – Nails, Facials (Guinot, Environ, Demalogica), Manicure, Pedicure, wax, tinting, lash extensions, massage.
  • 3B Cellular (Shop 19 in Morning Glen Mall) – Computer sales and repairs. Electronics. Cell phone repairs, water-damaged phones. Buy second-hand phones. Batteries and phone accessories. Remote batteries. Airtime: Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, Virgin Mobile (crooks), and Cell-C.
  • Treehouse Children's Décor Co. (Shop 75 in Woodmead Retail Park) – Opened 29 October 2010: Everything you need for kids' rooms, including bedding, curtaining, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories.
  • Julie's Willowbrook sells clothing for babies through to children age 12, sleepwear for girls, boys and Mums. cot linen. blankets, hooded towels and cot bumpers. bespoke linen, cheeky aprons, tea towels and other kitchen accessories. Sadly, Julie's at Morning Glen Mall has closed, but is still going strong at Parkhurst, Sandton (011 880 0396), Dullstroom (013 25 40 885) and Hillcrest, Durban (031 765 8425).
  • The Medical Doctors in Euro Centre, Rivonia Boulevard (near Larry's), have moved to the Wedge (Drs Nikki Wood, Sam Lewis, and Sumien Moore)
  • A Geen & Richards furniture store has opened in a new building in Woodmead on Waterval Crescent next to Mias Angling, just south of, and opposite, the Woodmead Retail Park.

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Restaurant Review (***) by Judith Back to top

Adega, Bryanston Shopping Centre, corner William Nicol and Ballyclare Drive, 9 October 2010

A very busy and successful restaurant that has moved into a franchise.  We arrived without booking on a whim and were seated within minutes.  However, we would advise you to book.  We looked at the menu and decided on three starters rather than main courses – calamari, black mushroom and chourico.  I ordered white wine –a very pleasant Sauvignon Blanc– and my companion ordered Appletiser.  The Black Mushroom was rather over cheesed with both Feta and Mozzarella, and the Chourico was rather strong on its own.  The calamari, served with spinach rather than rice, was excellent.  Service was somewhat confused so perhaps Fridays are not the best time to go.  A little noisy, however the ambience was good.

The restaurant is well attended, service is acceptable.  My feeling is that the franchise needs to look at how it is maintaining its standards.

Contact Details for Adega.

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Painting the Porch

Julius decides to use his painting skills to give back to society. He offers to paint something at old man's home for free. "What must I paint?" he asks the old man.

"The porch," he says and laughs.

"OK!" says Julius enthusiastically and sets to work. The old man walks into his house and his wife confronts him.

"Did you tell him that the porch goes right around the house?" she asks.

"No, but he wants to contribute, so let him do it properly".

An hour later Julius is back. "All finished; I had paint left over, so I put on a second coat".

"Amazing", says the man.

"And by the way," says Julius as he leaves, "it's not a Porsche, it's a Ferrari."

The Gone Dogs  Back to top

  • Chuckleberry's Rivonia "Hamburger Heaven", Rivonia Centre, 369 Rivonia Boulevard, has closed to our great regret.
  • Piaceri & Co. (in The Wedge, Morningside) – Mediterranean Restaurant: Their dishes were works of art but their service had deteriorated.
  • Rivonia Mica Home Warehouse (in The Wedge, Morningside) – Hardware, Homeware and garden. Closing end October 2010.  We are told that Fruit and Veg City will growing into this space.
  • Mias Homeware (in 20 Waterval Crescent in Woodmead Area Shops) has closed.  Mias Angling is still going strong.
  • Je'Taime Lingerie (Shop 75 in Woodmead Retail Park) – replaced by a Treehouse (kids bedrooms).

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Away from the Malls  Back to top

Yes, there is life away from the Mall!  We periodically have guests on our Sunday Sandspruit walks.  One of the questions they ask is, "what is that kennel doing up in that tree?" (see picture).  We try hard to convince them that these are doghouses for specially-trained tree-climbing Dobermans that guard the river at night (and can of course see intruders better from high up a tree), but we finally have to admit that they are really owl boxes.

Owls are beautiful birds in their own right and experts at controlling rodents, but lack suitable nesting sites (usually old dead trees) in the city.  The Urban Owl Box Project addresses this problem with these owl boxes, made from recycled wood using community programmes.  They also educate youngsters to dispel the superstitions around owls.  You can do your bit for conservation:   If you'd like to buy an owl box or bat box for your garden or park, contact Jonathan Haw or Stephanie Lodewyk of Ecosolutions (e-mail, phone  072-365-9777, web site  Note: They do not supply instant owls! Do not be disappointed if it takes time before an owl finds your box.

At the Checkout

In the supermarket I noticed a man shopping with his son. As I walked by, he crossed something off his list, and I heard him whisper conspiratorially to the child, “You know, if we really mess this up, mom will never let us do it again.”

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