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Northern Rivonia Revisited

One can think one knows an area, and yet upon closer inspection, discover things there that one has never seen before.  That was how I felt exploring Rivonia Boulevard between Eleventh and Twelfth Avenues recently.

The first find was, tucked down 11th Ave next to the Primary School, Contessa Tea Connoisseur: This delightful haven for the tea-lover also does light midday meals.  Next to it, an unassuming little tile shop gives the big boys a run for their money.  I'd never consciously seen either.

Still in Eleventh Ave, but on the other side of Rivonia Boulevard and fairly new, is the place to visit if you want to do Chinese cookery with authentic ingredients and real Chinese utensils, such as a wok: Zhong Kee Chinese Supermarket.  A lovely shop to browse.

We were sad about Chuckleberrys closing, but it has been replaced by something else interesting: Designer Faire – a deli, doing light lunches, breakfasts, teas, home convenience meals, private and corporate catering, and private events. We wish Julia well with the new endeavour.  She also sells glassware, giftware, art, and sweet treats.

Not to be forgotten, is our favourite fish shop, Tight-Line Fisheries, on the corner next to the Friendly Supermarket, Pulcinella Ristorante & Bakery under new management for the last year, and of course the very popular Rocket Restaurant.

Moving a block north, the area at the Sasol garage and behind it at 375 Rivonia Boulevard is Rivonia's mini motor-city: Here you can get all makes of tyres, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyres filled with Nitrogen, shock-absorbers, brakes, batteries, exhausts, mag wheels, brakes and steering, car audio systems, car Bluetooth, car security, gear locks, central locking, vehicle tracking, aircon, immobilizers, car alarms, cruise control, electric windows, parking distance control, handsfree kits, laser detectors, GPS, window tinting, and autoglass.  No panel beating, yet!  There's also a shop buying and selling second-hand computers, monitors, laptops, UPS and CCTV.

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The man approached the very beautiful woman in the large supermarket and asked, “I’ve lost my wife here in the supermarket. Can you talk to me for a couple of minutes?”


“Because every time I talk to a beautiful woman my wife appears out of nowhere.”

New, Movers and Shakers Back to top

  • Rivonia News Cafe will be moving across Ninth Avenue from Rivonia Square to Rivonia Village, where Mugg and Bean, and Nandos Peri-Deli used to be, corner Rivonia Boulevard.  This will be a blow to the dolts who insist on parking their fancy cars in the no-parking zone.
  • Lushfeli Shoes (Shop L12, Lower Level in Rivonia Square) – Ladies' shoes and bags.
  • Digi-Max (Shop L10, Lower Level in Rivonia Square) – Computer Accessories: Blank CD's and DVD's, pouches, flash drives, USB cables, card readers, portable Divcom speakers, keyboards, headphones, hard drives, game controllers, USB hubs, ADSL routers, cables, modems, mice, refurbished and new PCs. Cellphone accessories: GPS/iPhone holders, batteries, earphones, data cables, chargers. Internet browsing. Copy, print, fax, scanning.
  • Taste of India (Shop 28 in Early Dawn Mall) – Indian Restaurant & Take Away on the corner of Rivonia Bvd and 9th Ave. Mild, medium or HOT, all food is Halaal. Vegetarian starters and main courses, bunny chow, Roti, kebabs, naan, tandoori, curry and rice: chicken or lamb, biryani, seafood, dosa, salads, chips. Sunday buffet. Catering.
  • Oasis Water (Shop 19 in Early Dawn Mall) – Bottled water. At the passage entrance on Rivonia Bvd.
  • Blue Diamond Liquor in Petervale Shopping Centre has become Doornspruit Cellars – Comprehensive liquor store. Large selection of wine: case lot discounts.
  • Perfect Chinese Points Massage Therapy (in Petervale Shopping Centre) – Full body, head, neck, shoulder, back or leg massage. Oil massage, reflexology, cupping, Qwasa. Chinese medical massage - "it is a special and well worthy therapy".
  • The Barber Stop (in Petervale Shopping Centre) – "Having a haircut has never been so much fun…"
  • Capitec Bank (in Morning Glen Mall) – Now open in Phase 2.
  • Bryce Exclusive Wear (in Morning Glen Mall) – Now open in Phase 2: Mostly men's clothing but also some for women.
  • SA Beauty Modelling (Ground Level in Rivonia Square) – Photography, Modeling & Advertising Agency.

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Restaurant Review (****) by Shannon Back to top

Sale e Pepe da Giovanni, Morning View Shops, South Road Morningside

We happened to be in the area on Sunday and decided to go in for lunch. I ordered the Linguini Scampi which was outstanding. My husband ordered the seafood risotto which he also thought was fabulous (and he is Italian, so not so easy to please). All in all we were very impressed. And we were told that the original Giovanni chef is running the kitchen now (it certainly tasted like the original Giovanni food).

As for your review on Giovanni's at the Dunwoody Centre. I completely agree with you. We ate there not so long ago and we had the worst pizza I have ever had – the sauce they used was very sweet.

Contact Details for Sale e Pepe da Giovanni.

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Food that Fits

Julius went to the restaurant, but wasn't happy.  He called the waiter over:

"Waiter, this food isn't fit for a pig!"

"I'm sorry sir, I'll bring you some that is."

The Gone Dogs  Back to top

  • Sushi Baby? (Lower Level in Rivonia Square) – sushi bar - opened last December.
  • Richard McLellan Showroom (Lower Level in Rivonia Square) – Ladies fashion boutique.
  • Karim's Indian Cuisine (on Rivonia Boulevard, Ground Level in Rivonia Square).
  • 5th Avenue Décor (Ground Level in Rivonia Square) – Furniture, art, statues.
  • Private Collection Jewellery, X Designs, and Lucy Fashion (Ground Level in Rivonia Square).

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Rescuing a Cell Phone that fell in Water  Back to top

This might be useful information for you at some stage...

I'm normally very careful never to have my cell phone in my top pocket when I'm anywhere near the pool, but one afternoon last month I forgot.  As I bent over to chlorinate, my Nokia 6730 slid smoothly out of my top pocket and straight into the weir.  Here's what to do in those circumstances.

  1. First, and as fast as possible, get the phone out of the water.  Water and phones do not mix well.
  2. Next, remove the battery and the SIM card. Don't bother switching the phone off!  The object is to to stop the water shorting out the circuits.
  3. Dry the battery and the SIM card with a cloth.
  4. If you can, disassemble the phone and pat the the parts dry with a cloth.
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck moisture out of the parts of the phone you can't disassemble. Do this for half an hour or more.
  6. To dry the phone out more thoroughly, seal it for a day in an airtight container (e.g. Tupperware or a Ziploc plastic bag), with some desiccant or a cupful of raw rice or both.  The rice and the desiccant absorb moisture.
  7. Reassemble the phone, switch on and test.

As a precaution, it's a good idea to save the little bags of desiccant that come with appliances (put them in an airtight container).

It is worth spending an hour learning how to take your phone apart and put it back together when you are not in a panic.  Google for "disassemble" or "dismantle" plus your phone make and model, and you should find instructions.  It may be helpful to take photos of each step.  You might need special tools: For mine I need a Torx 5 screwdriver (the one with a point like an asterisk, obtainable from DIY Depot and some cell phone shops) and an old credit card.

My phone?  It took a few reboots, but it's fine now.  For about a week after the accident it had pretty watermark wallpaper behind the screen; this faded gradually as it finally dried fully.

At the Checkout

"Christmas, with its spirit of giving, offers us the opportunity to reflect on what we all most sincerely and deeply believe in – I refer of course to Money" –Tom Lehrer, "A Christmas Carol".


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