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Are you Brave Enough to

donate blood?

Be a South African HERO: Donate Now!

Northern Sandton donor centre is at Game Shopping Centre, Fourways Boulevard, Opposite Fourways Mall Phone:
011 467-0738 082 467-8408

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Home of Beauty
Hot Stone Massage and Antaneea in Bryanston

Rita is an experienced therapist specialising in Hot Stone Massage and Antaneea in a quiet and cosy space. Other beauty therapies available: Facials, Pedicure, manicure, slimming, chakra balance.

Ladies Only!
Call Rita 082-210-0606

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Other Places of Interest:
Sandspruit Hiking Trail,
Ernest Ullmann Park Recreation Centre,
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Montrose Nursery Garden Centre and Gia's Coffee Shop,
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A Few of Our Favourite Places

Hiking on Sandspruit and ducks on the stream
Guinea-fowl, gossies, likkewaan seldom seen
With long grass, burrs, blackjacks in our laces
These are a few of our favourite places.

Morning Glen Mall so smart and so new
DIY Depot always helpful with much to do
Silver Pine Spur and its welcoming faces
These are a few of
our favourite places.

Capitec Bank who don't steal all our pay
Bookdealers where one could browse all day
Woolworths the green quality aces
These are a few of
our favourite places.

When the cold bites, when the cloud races,
When we're feeling sad,
We simply go back to our favourite places,
And then we don't feel at all bad.

–with apologies to Julie Andrews and Oscar Hammerstein II.

Meet your Democratic Alliance Candidates

Tables Saturday 30 April in Alexandra and at Bryanston Shopping Centre. Saturday 7 May in Alexandra. Public Meeting Monday 9th May at 18:30 at Rosebank Primary with guest speaker Mayoral candidate Mmusi Maimane.

Seasonal Cheer

What do you get when you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?

Answer: Hot, cross bunnies!

New, Movers and Shakers Back to top

  • Fruit and Veg City at the Wedge has now opened the Food Lovers Market: see review below.
  • Outdoor Fitness Training for women of any fitness level – in Ernest Ullmann Park Recreation Centre: Mon, Wed, Fri. No contract, no joining fees. Lee 082 450-9871.
  • Clicks opened 31 March 2011 in Morning Glen Mall – Pharmacy, Health, Home and Beauty Store. Healthcare advice, low medicine prices and a front shop offering a wide range of beauty and healthcare products.
  • Aroma Italiana Caffé (in 90° on Rivonia) – Coffee Bar. Opening 1 May under the staircase outside Spar.

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Restaurant Review (****) Back to top

Polpetta, "90° on Rivonia", Rivonia Road and Kelvin Drive

We have taken to having the odd Saturday lunch, when it is easier to get in, at this popular restaurant.  The outside area works well when the day is reasonably warm.

One of the joys of Polpetta is that they will do a half-and-half pizza for two.  It's just the right size lunch for smaller eaters.  They charge the price of the more expensive of the two pizzas that you combine, still a bargain.  The pizza is good and the wine pleasant.  Service is friendly and attentive.

Polpetta is to be recommended for people out for a tasty economical meal.  Mind the potholes in the car park!

Contact details for Polpetta Restaurant.

A Fukushima in South Africa? Or a sustainable future?
Join Earthlife Africa e-mail us

The Value of a Scientific Education

Jacob and Julius were listening to the IPL cricket results and watching the moon rise.

"Which is further away, India or the moon?"

"Duh!  Can you see India?"

Gone, Best Forgotten  Back to top

  • Mouna (in 90° on Rivonia) – Restaurant & Lounge (upstairs). This closure will be a relief to the police and a disappointment to the local drug users.

Please Give R10 to Guide Dogs for the Blind!  SMS 'see' to 38051

Great News for Foodies  Back to top

In early April the crowded little old Fruit and Veg City at the Wedge transformed into the lavish new Food Lovers Market where Rivonia Mica used to be.  Word got out fast and the upper parking area is now full a lot of the time!

One enters, as before, through aisles of fruit and veg. The bins are larger now, and seem to have more variety though, yes, they had no bananas on Saturday.  A lot of care has been taken with this shop: For example, they have mist-blowers that come on periodically over the fresh fruit.

Deeper in, one realises that there is a lot more here than at the old place.  There is a whole fish section and a butchery where they will cut, weigh and package for you.  Alternatively, you can buy pre-packaged meat from the nearby fridges.  Every time we've been, there's been somebody offering tasters of various meats and cheese.

Cheese too: Now there's a complete cheese counter.  Opposite is the bakery, baking fresh bread, rolls, buns, sticky treats and cakes.  Next to it is the sushi bar with little domes of sushi waiting to be eaten while travelling around a track.

The far corner hides three small aisles of groceries.  You can get your charcoal, washing powder and dog food here, but there is not much variety –"fresh" is what this shop is about.

Opposite the sushi bar, there's the coffee bar backing onto the fruit juice bar, itself across the way from the hatch –just like at the old shop– where they will hack, slice, and dice your fruit for you.

Our route now winds into the checkout area, past fridges of packaged cakes and sushi, and racks of magazines and the obligatory chocolates.  The checkout is open plan, with many more tills and little waiting.  Except last Saturday: A power overload had tripped the UPS supplying the tills, and we had to leave our trolley and fetch it later when the problem had been sorted out.  This probably won't happen again.

Finally, if the extensive trip through this wonderful new food hall has tired you out, the corner terrace (where Mica had solar panels and doghouses) has been turned into a little sit-down café, served from a hatch outside the checkout.  Here you can get the goodies from the shop brought to you!

Now, if anything I've said encourages you to go and visit: please don't!  –We'd like to be able to park closer than the other end of the centre!

Overheard at the Checkout

"Do you perhaps have the book called 'The Secret' in stock?"

"I'm sorry, ma'am; I'm not allowed to give you that information."

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