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Home of Beauty
Hot Stone Massage and Antaneea in Bryanston

Rita is an experienced therapist specialising in Hot Stone Massage and Antaneea in a quiet and cosy space. Other beauty therapies available: Facials, Pedicure, manicure, slimming, chakra balance.

Ladies Only!
Call Rita 082-210-0606

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Almost all of us will one day need a blood transfusion

– Yet only 1% of the population donates blood!

Make a difference to society!  Donate at The Colony,  cor Jan Smuts & Rothesay Avenues, Craighall.  Phone:
011 447-6665
011 880-4994

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Morningside Shopping Centre,
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Restaurants in Rivonia,
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Restaurant reviews for Rivonia
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Other Places of Interest:
Sandspruit Hiking Trail,
Ernest Ullmann Park Recreation Centre,
Rivonia Village Vet,
Montrose Nursery Garden Centre and Gia's Coffee Shop,
Manor Medical Centre,
Morningside Country Club

You Can Make a Difference to Our City!

There is a municipal election on Wednesday 18 May. Imagine waking up on 19 May to the news that the current Johannesburg administration has won another five years in power: Another five years of little or no maintenance, exorbitant service charge increases, street litter, potholes, non-working traffic lights, contracts for pals.

Imagine that you hadn't bothered to go to the polls –and they won by one vote!

It could be that close!

If really want ours to really be a World Class city –instead of one that wastes your money advertising that it is– please vote for the party that has a track record of governing well, for everyone: The DA.  Do you want to have only yourself to blame on Thursday?

Fix Our City – Vote DA on 18 May!  Where the DA governs, we govern well.

Vote 7 am to 7 pm. Visit to see where, or SMS your ID number to 32810 (R1 per SMS).


"What happens if you go to sleep under a car?"

"You wake up oily in the morning!"

New on the Block Back to top

  • Michael's Designs, Shop U41 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Jewellers: Individually designed handcrafted Jewellery.
  • "The Men’s Room", Shop U46 in Morningside Shopping Centre has become Crew Men’s Grooming – traditional Mens Hairdresser, face shave with hot towels, toiletries.
  • Design in Motion, Shop U20A in Morningside Shopping Centre – South Africa's first cycling concept store offering a range of the best bike brands, accessories, parts, bike fit and repair centre. Left of Extreme Eyewear.
  • The Morningside Kodak Express Lower Level in Morningside Shopping Centre to the right of Optimum Nutrition – Photographic printing, design work, cameras and accessories, photocopying, business cards, internet café, photography, in-house studio, brochures.
  • Kids Emporium, Shop U17 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Children's furniture and clothing, maternity wear, linen and décor, travel systems, gifts, interior design.
  • Attirance, Shop U18 in Morningside Shopping Centre – in the upper atrium island next to Make Scents. 100% natural cosmetics, bath and body oils, fragrances.
  • Batuka, Shop L 7A in Morningside Shopping Centre – Interior and exterior design. Persian rugs.
  • BT Games, Shop U11 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Computer and video games for Playstation, XBox, and Wii.
  • Impact Hearing (in Bryanston Shopping Centre) – "Kind to hearing". Hearing aids, batteries. Open Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00, Sat 09:00-13:00.
  • Opening soon: Vilai-Lai Thai Massage, Shop 34A in Morning Glen Mall – Offering a range of massage & therapy treatments to leave you relaxed and invigorated - Traditional Thai, Aromatherapy, Herbal Compress.
  • Aroma Italiana Caffé (in 90° on Rivonia) – Coffee Bar. Opening in June under the staircase outside Spar.

Designer Faire cc … catering to your specialised needs

Private & Corporate Catering, Platters, Theme Evenings, Crafts & Artwork, Delicious Baked Goodies and so much more: Rivonia Centre, Rivonia Boulevard & 11th Ave. Julia 082 895 2616

Restaurant Review (*) by Judith Back to top

Primi Piatti, Chilli Lane Shopping Centre, off Rivonia Road, Sunninghill

Sadly, the worst meal ever.  So let's start with what worked - good hot chocolate on a cold night, good gas fired heater on the west wall, friendly waiters and, lest I forget, a good Sauvignon Blanc.

We chose a table close to the heater as did most of the patrons, because it was a chilly night in Autumn and the place was definitely lacking customers –is this because Chilli Lane is getting a reputation as a crime hotspot?  As a CPF member, I think this may be the case as I attend the meetings every Monday and this centre comes up regularly.

Then we go down to the food.  Lumpy bread with Danish butter: why Danish? –we produce excellent butter here.  Then the chicken livers which were supposed to be flavoured with garlic and chilli.  The only flavour was salt.  This is the hypertension restaurant of the year for its starter!

I asked that my calamari did not have salt added.  Well it did.  Here I was expecting garlic and chilli and all I got was salt, salt, salt!  Even in the replacement dish.

My partner's feedback on his dish (Panacetta with linguine) is a classic: "a combination of the flavours of tomato, bacon, basil and bay leaf so carefully balanced that they exactly failed to please".  I tried his dish and totally agree with him.

Salt is a condiment, NOT a spice.  Equally garlic and chillies are not spices.  This restaurant seriously does not understand food.

Contact Details for Primi Piatti.

Single Room To Let in Morningside from 1 June

Fully furnished and serviced. R3400/month all inclusive.  e-mail us or call 082 389-3482/1.

The Value of a Scientific Education

Jacob and Julius were watching the moon rise at sunset.

"Which is more important, the sun or the moon?"

"Oh, the moon, definitely."


"It gives us light at night when it's dark. The sun just shines during the day when it's light anyway."

The Gone Dogs  Back to top

  • Biltong Nook  in Morning Glen Mall – Biltong and sweets, Lotto tickets.
  • Panache Bridal (in Rivonia Square) – Opened January 2010.
  • Cerise (Shop 15B in Bryanston Shopping Centre) – Restaurant & Coffee Shop.
  • Sugar Lump Home Industry – was under the escalator in Bryanston Shopping Centre.
  • Constantine & Jacobs in Morningside Shopping Centre – Jewellers.  Replaced by Michaels Designs.
  • Also gone from Morningside Shopping Centre: Armando Pollini – Design, dresses, Ayoka – Ladies' fashion from the USA, Lexon – Design - bags, Face Logic – Skin Spa, G.I.L Collection  – Clothing, Off the Wall  – Pictures, paintings, gifts; Redhill Home & Hardware – Hardware and homeware, pool and garden; Travel Associates – Travel agent, Trunk  – Importers of fragrances at discounted prices, Über  – Clothing.

Care about your planet? Lead SA – Join Earthlife Africa e-mail us

Profile of the Virgin Group  Back to top

This is a bunch of companies that prides itself on style.  Everything else comes second or not at all, including customer service and even basic honesty.  Some members of the group:

  • Virgin Active: Gyms that expect you to sign a contract absolving them from all responsibility in case of negligence by their staff and their own failure to maintain equipment.
  • Virgin Mobile: Cell phone scammers who have no qualms about altering contracts to suit themselves, without consulting or even telling the customer.  Unable even to port a phone on due date, highly unresponsive, thoroughly incompetent.
  • Virgin Money: Unlike better financial institutions, they will drop your credit card limit based on your credit record with other banks, even if your account with them is exemplary.  Moral: Pay everyone else first!

At the Checkout

I struck up a conversation with the man in front of me in the queue.  He was busy telling me that his wife was shopping at the mall's jewellery shop when a brief power dip caused the lights to dim.

"That," he sighed, "must be her checking out now".

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