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Are We Donating Blood at Game, or at The Colony?

The Colony,  cor Jan Smuts & Rothesay Avenues, Craighall.  Tel: 011 447-6665 / 880-4994.

Game Shopping Centre, Fourways Boulevard, Opposite Fourways Mall Phone:
011 467-0738  / 082 467-8408

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Shopping Centres in Sunninghill:
Sunninghill Village
Sunhill Shopping Centre
Chilli Lane Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres in Bryanston:
Bryanston Shopping Centre
Hobart Grove Centre

Shopping Centres in the Woodmead area:
Wendywood Centre
Woodmead Value Mart
Woodmead Super Value Centre
Woodmead Commercial Park
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Woodmead Square
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Shopping Centres and Shops in and near Rivonia:
Rivonia Square
Rivonia Village Centre
Rivonia Junction
Mutual Mews
Early Dawn Mall
Shops in Central Rivonia
Shops in Northern Rivonia
Petervale Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres in
Greater Morningside:

Morningside Shopping Centre,
The Wedge, Morningside,
Morning Glen Mall
90 Degrees on Rivonia
Morning View
Shops in the Morningside Area

Home of Beauty
Hot Stone Massage and Antaneea in Bryanston

Experienced therapist specialising in Hot Stone Massage and Antaneea in a quiet and cosy space. Other beauty therapies available: Facials, Pedicure, manicure, slimming, chakra balance.

Ladies Only!
Call Rita 082-210-0606

Restaurants in Rivonia,
Codfather Village of Restaurants,
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Other Places of Interest:
Sandspruit Hiking Trail,
Ernest Ullmann Park Recreation Centre,
Rivonia Village Vet,
Montrose Nursery Garden Centre and Gia's Coffee Shop,
Manor Medical Centre,
Morningside Country Club

Sunninghill's Sunhill Centre

Sunhill is the original shopping centre in the northern part of Sunninghill, just two blocks from Sunninghill Gardens. Unlike other centres that have expanded out of all proportion, this centre has stayed compact and human-sized –a nice way of saying that it's not well patronised.

The recent addition of a KFC as the new anchor tenant in its own building at the corner of Tana and Naivasha Roads (closing the entrance near the corner) seems to have done little to increase trade.  Arguably it has not raised the gastronomic standards of the centre either.  For Sunhill is largely about food.

The highest standard is set by Bosco Restaurant, a venerable and respected Italian institution.  The other end of the centre is also the other end of the world, food-wise, with Orient Fusion Chinese Restaurant & Sushi bar. In the middle, geographically and culinarily speaking, is Taste of Punjab, a North Indian Tandoori Restaurant.

Sandwich Baron next to Bosco offers sandwiches and much more: rolls, pita, Tramezzini, salads, and baked potatoes, delivered.  For eating in, Sunhill Deli and Butcher provides a taste of Natal; all meat is Halaal.  To wash it down, there's a Liquor Store; the liquor definitely not Halaal.

If the drink gets us onto a celebratory theme, Party in a Box offers everything for a party: Balloons, partyware, party favours, costumes & accessories; I just didn't see a pony.  They seem to make a lot of their sales via the internet.

Megaplex's new web page for Sunhill Shopping Centre is here.

Designer Faire cc … catering to your specialised needs

Private & Corporate Catering, Platters, Theme Evenings, Crafts & Artwork, Delicious Baked Goodies and so much more: Rivonia Centre, Rivonia Boulevard & 11th Ave. Julia 082 895 2616


"Of course we can multitask –I read on the loo, don't I?"

New on the Block, Movers and Shakers  Back to top

  • Pepa Café in Rivonia Restaurants – previously Cappello’s Restaurant. 344 Rivonia Boulevard (Teasers building, on the street). Fun, friendly and casual atmosphere, quality food. Breakfasts, light meals and dinner, take-aways, deliveries to surrounding area. Private functions: birthday parties, office functions, etc.
  • Sign-a-Rama, previously in Rivonia Centre, 369 Rivonia Boulevard, has not in fact closed but is now at 1A 8th Avenue Rivonia, around the corner off Wessels Road, down from the corner where Sense Corner Day Spa is – Quality signs for all your needs (listed in Rivonia Area Shops).
  • Chicken Licken Rivonia in Rivonia Area – "Soul Food": Fast-food chicken take-away and eat-in. On 7th Ave, just off Rivonia Road (behind the Engen Garage).
  • Box Office Movies in Petervale Shopping Centre has become Blockbusters DVD rentals.

Chislehurst Guest House, Rivonia

Elegant private 4 star Guest House in a leafy suburb. Luxury accommodation in peaceful and secure surroundings.
Complimentary WiFi. Rooms serviced daily by our friendly staff. 1 Vickers Avenue, Rivonia. Jenny 083 271 5958

Restaurant Review by Judith Back to top

**** Steak Bar, inside Food Lovers' Market, The Wedge, Morningside, Rivonia Road, Morningside

A solo venture following a long meeting on a Saturday morning and the need to do the week's shopping!  We have been going to Food Lovers' Market since it opened in the Wedge as their prices are very good and there is great attention to good service.  The Steak Bar did not let me down, especially when I discovered that they do Schwarmas!  They also do rump steak with chips and salad; beer battered fish and chips.  However, deprived of Schwarma for many months, I ordered one.  Not only was it delicious and packed generously with salad, meat and tahina, I felt I could have shared it easily!  The service was very friendly and fast.

I was particularly taken with the attention to detail, including keeping the small space allotted to the bar pristine.  It's a good place to stop and take a break whilst shopping in a place that offers a wide range of fresh meat and fish; a copious choice of cheeses and also one of the best ranges of pates I know of in the area.

Contact Details for Food Lovers' Market.

Whining and Dining

Julius decided to demonstrate his knowledge of wine at the restaurant.  A little later:

"Waiter! There's a fly in my wine!"

"Yes, you did ask for something with a little body, sir."

The Gone Dogs  Back to top

  • Petervale Fish Factory, was Shop 3 in Petervale Shopping Centre – seafood and pre-prepared meals. Moved to Randburg.
  • Euro Mini Mart Bakery and Deli in Petervale Shopping Centre appears to have closed.
  • Cappello’s Restaurant, 344 Rivonia Boulevard (Teasers building) has become Pepa Café.
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in Rivonia Square. But there's one in Sunhill Centre if you can't do without the stuff.

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Renewable Energy is People's Power – Join Earthlife Africa!

Civic Beat    Back to top

Not well reported in the media, on 30 June the Free Market Foundation held a Round-Table on the government's Competition Policy. It focused on two questions: (a) Is South Africa's competition policy Constitutional? [Conclusion: No!] and (b) does it make economic sense? [Conclusion: No!]

Prof. Robert Vivian, Professor of Finance and Insurance, Wits University, presented his paper on the Constitutionality of South Africa's competition policy. He said that the policy application attempts to deal with more than just consumer welfare and argued that for fundamental reasons, the Act is probably unconstitutional.

Johann van Eeden (Senior Economist, Econex) presented a paper co-authored with Rachel Jafta, on the Economics of competition policy. Johann queried the multiple objectives of South Africa's policy, which requires the commission to compromise between conflicting aims, leading to arbitrary decisions and uncertainty for business. Government interference often has anti-competitive effects instead of the intended results.

Prof Robert Vivian highlighted what he calls "states within states". Laws are being made to favour interest groups, including the ruling party, and not the country as a whole. Mini-empires are created with their own administration, laws, courts, and police, none of them subject to the laws of the land!  Amongst the plethora of special courts, tribunals, adjudicators, ombudsmen and so on, we also find the Competition Tribunal, which can levy severe penalties without having to go anywhere near the real courts.

Another example I can quote is SARS, which does not have to prove you guilty in any court of law: It can simply tell a court that you owe it money, and you get no chance to defend yourself.

Our freedoms are being stolen from us. What can be done? We need, particularly, businesses of all sizes to resist kow-towing to dictatorial and undemocratic institutions, and demand due process in the courts of the land.

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At the Checkout

A man in the queue had a trolley containing a screaming, bellowing baby. The gentleman kept repeating softly, "Don't get excited, Albert; don't scream, Albert; don't shout, Albert; keep calm, Albert."

A woman behind, trying to distract the child, waved a sweet and cooed, "Albert! What a lovely name for a baby!"

The man looked at her and said, "Lady, I'm Albert."


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