Megaplex Newsletter 2016 July: Shopping in Sandton

Shopping in Sandton – July 2016

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Practical Effective Self-Defence

KRAV MAGA Instructors:
Mike & Walter
SMS or phone 084 211 8888


Above Car Service City,
off Witkoppen Rd. Paulshof,
near Cambridge Crossing.

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Speak Well – Become a Leader!

Transformers Toastmasters meets 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at Morningside Country Club, de la Rey Road, at 18:45.  Future leaders are welcome!  Contact Judith Taylor on 082 389-3481 or

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Almost all of us will one day need a blood transfusion

– Yet only 1% of people donate blood!

Make a difference to society!  Your nearest donor centre is at The Colony, cor Jan Smuts & Rothesay Aves, Craighall.  Phone:
011 447-6665
011 880-4994

Shopping Centres in Sunninghill:
The Square
Sunninghill Village
Sunhill Shopping Centre
Chilli Lane Shopping Centre
Chilli on Top Centre
The Core

Restaurants in Rivonia,
Codfather Village of Restaurants,
Restaurant reviews for Rivonia
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Other Places of Interest:
Sandspruit Hiking Trail,
Ernest Ullmann Park Recreation Centre,
Montrose Nursery Garden Centre and Gia's Coffee Shop

We are open 7 days a week and offer “Fresh Haircuts” even in Winter, when we warm you up with a cup of coffee! We also have other value-added services and specials. Please call 011 803 5015 for more information. We are down in the lower level in the main block down the escalators. Plenty of parking in the Basement in Sunninghill Village. For more, email Fay.

Your Municipal Elections are on 1-3 August: Please Vote!

The most important elections in South African history take place on Wednesday (for regular voters) and Monday/Tuesday for pre-booked special votes.

This is more than just a municipal election: It is a rare opportunity to express yourself on the state of National Government.  Yes, we have made progress since 1994, but how much more would we have made without the billions lost to the now-endemic corruption of the ANC?  Starting with the Arms Deal, which financed the ANC's election campaign, proceeding through eTolls, Nkandla, Petro SA, SAA and many others, and intended to culminate in the unaffordable and unnecessary Nuclear Fleet, the ANC has put itself first, and you, the voter, last –particularly the poor, whom the money is meant to uplift.

The ANC, which helped craft one of the best human rights constitutions in the world, perpetrated the Marikana Massacre and the escape of Omar al-Bashir, accused of genocide of our fellow Africans.  Its contempt for you, the people, shows in the SABC farce, the bailouts of SAA with your money, the many golden handshakes, and its blatant disrespect for the courts and the Public Protector.

The government, never a friend of business, has now reduced our growth rate to nil.  Yet other African countries, subject to the same world conditions, achieve rates over 8%*.  From the largest economy in Africa, we have slipped to third place.  A third of our people are unemployed.  A disproportionate number of them are young –many are unemployable due to our dysfunctional state education system, a time-bomb ticking to destroy our future.

Any government with a shred of integrity would have resigned when the Constitutional Court ruled that the President and parliament had violated the Constitution.  Yet so certain are they that you will vote them in again, they are murdering each other for access to the perks of office.  If you care about South Africa, even if you are lifelong ANC, it is time to register a protest vote: Abstain if you must, but rather vote for another party.

For which other party?  There are many smaller parties, but, can you rely on them not to go into coalition with the ANC?

Only one other party has a track record in government.  Where it governs, the poor have the highest access to basic services, employment is the highest in the country, unauthorised expenditure is close to nil.  People are voting with their feet, moving from the ANC-run Eastern Cape to the DA-run Western Cape to access the job opportunities, better education, housing and health care.

Midvaal, the only DA-run municipality in Gauteng, has the province's lowest unemployment, and no corruption.  Meanwhile the City of Johannesburg is running a massively expensive multi-media campaign advertising that its "world class African city"  is "in good hands", abusing in favour of the ANC the public money that should go to services.

If you want a municipality that works; if you want to tell the ANC it is time to reform; if you care about our country, next week is time to vote DA.

Remember: in municipal elections you have to vote where you are registered. Voting is from 7 am to 7 pm (not 9 pm as previously).

*Real GDP growth rate (mostly 2015): Ethiopia 8.7%, DRC 8.4%, Cote d'Ivoire 8.2%, Maldives 7.6%, Mozambique 7.0%, Tanzania 6.9%, Chad 6.9%, Rwanda 6.5%, Kenya 6.5%, Nigeria 4.0%. From

Click here to view the DA Local Government Election Manifesto

Odd Jobs

Journalists are a destructive bunch: Always breaking the news...

Onewaystreet Custom Tailors and Fashion Designers

Corporate wear, suits, wedding dresses, Matric Dance Outfits, Kiddies Costumes and Wear, Traditional Outfits/African print resellers and all kinds of alterations. Bulk orders. Call MV at 011 075 3087, WhatsApp 073 735 3357– e-mail web site

New on the Block, Movers and Shakers  Back to top

  • From July 2016, Morning Glen Mall will hold a monthly sidewalk sale during the last week of each month. Come and buy yourself a new sidewalk! (groan)
  • Benmore Florist has moved from Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre to 5A Landsdowne Rd, Bryanston (off East Hertford) – Gifts, Fresh Flowers and Functions and Events.
  • Metro Restaurant has moved from Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre to Grosvenor Crossing – "A glamorous bistro, bar and ultra lounge for Johannesburg’s young, influential elite".
  • African Queen Boutique, moved from Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre to Shop 18, Upper Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Hats, sandals, and bags mostly made by disadvantaged communities to create employment. Luxury with a conscience.
  • D&O Factory Outlet, Underworld, Shop 30A, Lower Level in Morning Glen Mall – New Pop-Up tenant commenced trading July 2016 for the next 3 months. They sell active wear and underwear.
  • Bella Mia Pet Supplies, Shop 02, Lower Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Pet supply shop: Vet-quality pet food, beds, toys, chews.
  • Free Range, Shop 18A, Upper Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Locally-produced ladies' clothing and décor.
  • The Salon Paul Mitchell and Mitch, Shop 11A, Lower Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Ladies' and gents' hair salon, Caucasian and ethnic. Paul Mitchell products. Opposite FNB.
  • PostNet Bryanston, Shop 11B, Lower Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – International & local courier, Internet, Printing, Document Finishing, Scanning, Rubber stamps, media products, international calling cards, license renewals, ID & Passport photos.
  • J.Collection Jewellery, Shop G33, Ground in Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre – Jewellery & Accessories. Replaced Benmore Jewellery Design Studio.
  • Absolute Pets, Shop G24, Ground in Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre – Vet food store for dogs, cats, birds, etc. Food and accessories. Super Vet, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Iams, Hills.
  • Rain (shop G55/G56), Ground in Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre – Handmade bath & body products and hand crafted homeware using natural ingredients with African origins. Responsibly handmade with care for customers, craftspeople and the environment.
  • IMobile Repair Centre, 1st Floor in Coachman's Crossing – Cell phone repairs, opening in August.
  • Andiccio24, Ground in Coachman's Crossing – Pizza, hot & cold drinks, ice cream. Free delivery up to 10 km. Opening in August.
  • Dr Padayachee, Medical Doctor moved to Hyde Park Corner from Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre.

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Restaurant Review by Judith Back to top

**** Ocean Basket, Chilli Lane, Rivonia Road, Sunninghill

It was a long time returning to this branch and we chose a really cold day to do it.  The inside heater was not the most effective.  Hot chocolate and Van Loveren River Red did a good job of warming us up however –and Sifiso's great service!  I indulged in their Prawn and mussels offering - absolutely the best!  The stir-fried veggies were rather tasteless however.  Rick enjoyed the OB Fish and chips.

Still a great place to go to and reasonable prices make for good value.

Contact Details for Ocean Basket, Chilli Lane.

Funny Language, English...

She gave her nose a blow --she had a cold.
He gave her nose a blow --stop! Domestic violence!

The Favourite Accounting Program of Non-Accountants

QuickBooks uses everyday terms like "invoice a customer", "enter bills", "receive payments".  None of that technical "Debtors" and "Creditors" stuff!  Easy to install, easy to use.  Bank accounts, bills, invoices, customer and supplier lists, useful graphs, VAT, all in one place.  Premier 2016 version R4799, Pro only R3599. Up to 25% discount on upgrades from Software Africa: e-mail or call 011 802 2685.

"Asleep"  Back to top

  • The Christmas Shop, Shop 11A in Bryanston Shopping Centre – was Lower level, across from FNB.
  • Barbers of Bryanston, Shop 47 in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Men's hairdresser, was Upper Level.
  • Bella Donna, Shop 18 in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Ladies' fashion boutique, was Upper Level. Also on-line.
  • Black Betty, Shop 18A in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Jewellery & Accessories. Hand-cut precious- and semi-precious stones in handcrafted pieces. Was Lower Level.
  • Boutique Bellagio, Shop 45 in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Ladies' fashion: "Clothing of choice", Was Upper Level.
  • CNA (Shop 38/39/40) in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Books & Stationery, gifts, music, magazines. Was Upper Level.
  • The Frilly Frog, Shop 33 in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Young children's clothing and some toys. Was Upper Level.
  • Africare Salon, Shop U09 in Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre – Ethnic Hair Salon. Products: Mizani, Ladine, Dr. Miracle, Different Weave / Hair products, Other Hair Accessories.
  • Benmore Jewellery Design Studio, Shop G33 in Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre – Jewellery & Accessories. Full workshop for watch repairs, jewellery repairs, engraving, designing and manufacturing.
  • Col'Cacchio Pizzeria, Shop U07 in Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre – Restaurant & Coffee Shop. Pizza, pasta, Salad, Drinks.
  • Polka Dot Décor, Shop G28 in Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre – moved to Fourways. Custom-made furniture, lanterns, candles, scatter cushions, curtaining, pottery, furniture, baskets, garden pots, glassware.
  • Rhapsody's Bryanston, Shop 17 in Grosvenor Crossing – Very upmarket spacious restaurant. Still open in Centurion, Lynnwood, Sunnyside, Witbank, and Woodhill.

Listed, not Delisted...   Back to top

Julius says they may be opposites, but his councillors have to be both voted and devoted.

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Civic Corner: Support the New OUTA - the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse!

Most of us remember the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA), which fought a heroic series of court cases against e-Tolls, succeeding in getting the tolls delayed and the costs reduced, but not cancelled.

OUTA has changed its name to Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (clever: same acronym) and taken on a wider mandate as a watchdog against all manner of corrupt state expenditure, notably SAA and Eskom in recent days.

OUTA now has a membership-based contribution model.

The fight against corruption, tax abuse and irrational tax policy, requires the ability to investigate, expose, and where necessary, challenge or take to court the responsible individuals. These mechanisms of “attack” can also effectively be used in defence against unjust prosecution, as in the case of e-Tolls, thus the introduction of OUTA’s E-toll Defence Umbrella.

OUTA’s E-toll Defence Umbrella will support businesses and individuals against prosecution for resistance against e-tolls. It aims to defend every case of e-toll prosecution within OUTA’s contributing membership, if it has the funds.

To fall under OUTA’s E-toll Defence Umbrella, you or your business need to become a contributing member of OUTA through either monthly or annual membership contributions.  They use an honour-based system: You contribute, at your discretion, an amount you can afford. Click here to become a member.

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"I can't have that; I'll put on 5 kilos!"

"OK, happy girthday!"

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