Megaplex Newsletter 2020 July: Shopping in Sandton

Shopping in Sandton – July 2020

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Shopping Centres in Sunninghill:
The Square
Sunninghill Village
Sunhill Shopping Centre
Chilli Lane Shopping Centre
Chilli on Top Centre
The Core

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Shopping Centres in and near Bryanston::
Cramerview Village
Nicolway Shopping Centre
Coachman's Crossing
Grosvenor Crossing
Hobart Grove Centre
Bryanston Shopping Centre
Riverside Shopping Centre
Hurlingham Pick 'n Pay Centre
Bryanpark Shopping Centre
Epsom Downs
Sloane Square

Shopping Centres in the Woodmead area:
Wendywood Centre
Woodmead Value Mart
Woodmead Super Value
Woodmead Commercial Park
Woodmead Retail Park
Woodmead Square
Dunwoody Centre
Woodlands Office Park
Kelvin Village
The Bridge, Buccleuch
Other Shops and Shopping in Woodmead

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Shopping Centres in Central Sandton::
Grayston Shopping Centre
Atholl Square Shopping Centre
Sandhurst Centre, Rivonia Rd

Shopping in and around Rivonia:
Rivonia Square
Rivonia Village Centre
Rivonia Junction
Mutual Mews
Early Dawn Mall
Shops in Central Rivonia
Shops in Northern Rivonia
Cambridge Crossing
Petervale Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres in
Greater Morningside:

Morningside Shopping Centre
The Wedge, Morningside
Morning Glen Mall
90 Degrees on Rivonia
Morning View
Sandton Court
Benmore Gardens
Shops in the Morningside Area

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Restaurants in Rivonia,
Rivonia Restaurant reviews
Sandton Restaurant reviews
Morningside Restaurant reviews

Other Places of Interest:
Sandspruit Hiking Trail,
Ernest Ullmann Park Recreation Centre,
Montrose Nursery Garden Centre and Gia's Coffee Shop

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See the Movers and Shakers section below - it's interesting to see how many changes occurred in just two shopping centres in the last few months.  New shops have largely opened to replace those that have disappeared.

Odd Jobs

How long before taxi drivers complain that they are only allowed to load 100%, instead of their usual, 200%?

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New on the Block, Movers and Shakers  Back to top

  • Kitsch + Kool, Shop U32, Upper Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Ladies Clothing, Mens Clothing, Gifts. T-shirts, buff masks, onesies, earrings. Free delivery anywhere in South Africa on orders over R500. Free Returns.
  • Thule, Shop U20a, Upper Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Roof racks, bike carriers, bike travel cases, baby strollers, cargo carriers, trailers for bikes, water sport racks, child bike seats, backpacks, luggage, bags, laptop/tablet/phone cases..
  • The Refillery, Shop U17, Upper Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Planet-friendly grocer offering PLASTIC-FREE, ‘weigh-and-pay’ shopping to help you stock your pantry with quality, ethically-sourced products without wasteful packaging.
  • Dr Pachanga, Shop U39, Upper Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – A fashion brand that specialises in vegan leather handbags paired with African wax fabrics and men's and women's clothing. Handbags, sweaters, winter wear, facemasks.
  • Play Toys, Shop L26, Lower Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Earth-friendly toys and activities of the best quality, safety and play value. Wooden toys, doll houses & furniture, wooden train sets, traditional toys, role play toys, safari animals, umbrellas, scooters for kids.
  • Easy Shoe and Bag Repair, Shop 50, Lower Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Shoe repair, bag repair, key cutting.
  • Harvey World Travel - Lloyds Travel, Shop 03A, Lower Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Travel agents. Lloyds agents. Open Mon–Fri.
  • Stellar Boutique, Shop 32, Upper Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – International Luxury Designer Collection, Personalized Image Consulting.
  • Mommy Wellness Day Spa, Shop 36, Upper Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Treats moms and moms-to-be, and the whole family including your little tot! Full range of specialised spa treatments to choose from.
  • The Bubble Shop Bryanston (Kiosk), Upper Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Bathroom Accessories: Bath crystals, bubble bath pearls and oils, lotions, imported soaps, potpourri, aromatherapy. Watch batteries, watch repairs, 3-layer masks.
  • IV Bar, Shop 16, Upper Level in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Intravenous vitamin therapy, possibly a new fad.

Funny Language, English...

I need a tonic to fortify me.  Mind you, at my age, I'll be happy for it to fiftify me...

Restaurant Reviews Back to top

We have no reviews for you this month.  Sorry.  Judith Taylor, our avid restaurant-lover and reviewer, is nearing the end of her fifth week in Sunninghill Hospital with various complications (not Covid-19, at least).  After a touch-and-go time, she seems to be recovering, gradually .  We wish her a good recovery.

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The Big Sleep  Back to top

(Raymond Chandler wrote a classic detective novel using this euphemism for "death")

  • GianMarco, Shop U32 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Excusive Italian menswear, all made in Italy. Shirts, accessories: ties, braces, cufflinks, pocket handkerchiefs, bow ties, manbags, belts, scarves, ascots (cravats), 100% silk and 100% cotton socks.
  • Design in Motion, Shop U20a in Morningside Shopping Centre – South Africa's first cycling concept store offering a range of the best bike brands (Carvelo, Pinarello, Eddy Merckx, Volcan, Binachi, Trek, Morewood, Assos, Sidi), accessories, parts, bike fit and repair centre.
  • Kids Emporium, Shop U17 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Children's furniture and clothing, maternity wear, linen and décor, travel systems, gifts, interior design.
  • Envy, Shop U20 in Morningside Shopping Centre – South African fashion: Ladies' clothes and accessories - handbags, earrings, glasses, belts. Was Upper Level.
  • In-decent, Shop U39 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Ladies' clothing and accessories. Was Upper Level.
  • Beauty Factory, Shop L26 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Quality bath and body products direct from the Beauty Factory to your bathroom. Opened October 2018.
  • Matia Bella, Shop L11 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Facials, Acne Treatment, permanent hair removal, waxing, tinting, manicure, pedicure, nails, eyelash extensions, permanent make-up, Botox. Fillers. Open Monday–Saturday 09:00 -18:00, Sunday/Public Holidays 09:00-15:00.
  • Biggie Best, Shop 12 in Bryanston Shopping Centre – New Generation Store. Home & Décor. Interior & Furniture. Trading: Mall Hours. Corporate Member of SAGID. Moved from Benmore Gardens.
  • Wedge Rose Florist, Shop 50 in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Arrange and deliver flowers of the highest quality to all national and international areas. A wide variety of arrangements, specializing in floral designs for all kinds of functions.
  • The Little Field Mouse Market Pop Up Shop in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Ladies boutique. Gifts. Crafts.
  • Sansiro, Shop 03A in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Upmarket men's boutique. Exclusive men's clothing, shoes, and perfume: "Wear smart, smell divine".
  • The Organic Natural and Whole-Food Emporium, Shop 31B in Bryanston Shopping Centre – a Jozi Real Food initiative aimed at bringing the best real food from the best sustainable farms and producers to your table. Was at the rooftop entrance.
  • Hermanna Rush, Shop 36 in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Fashion, bags and Accessories, Original Ladies' Clothing.
  • Freddy SA, Shop 45 in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Clothing store. At the upper entrance from the north parking.
  • Pureberry Frozen Yoghurt, Shop 16 in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Juice Bar and handmade Craft Frozen Yogurt, made using plain sugar-free yogurt. Coffee. Superfoods.
  • - in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Home, health, baby, beauty, fashion, gifts.
  • Denim, Shop 25 in Bryanston Shopping Centre – Ladies boutique: clothes and bags.
  • Nedbank, Shop 23/24/27 in Bryanston Shopping Centre.

Thought for the Day:

With the stress our health personnel are under, it may only be a matter of time before we have disorderly orderlies.

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Look Again at Solar Power

Some straws in the wind:

Regrettably, when we look at future scenarios for South Africa, the "High Road" proposed in the 1980s is now completely off the table.  This is largely due to an electorate kept ignorant by a governing party they support blindly, like a soccer team.  And opposition parties that have been unable to inspire. The bad future for SA looks like Zimbabwe, and the "good" future like Nigeria.

Eskom electricity is going to become more expensive and less reliable.  It is time to look at backup power.  Generators are a quick fix, becoming expensive as they have to run longer and fuel prices rise. Solar panels, once financed, cost nothing to run.  Battery backup is not cheap, but coming down in price as the pressure and scale generated by Tesla is felt globally.

At our office we have had a grid-tied system saving us around R1000 a month on Eskom since January 2015.  Unfortunately, "grid-tied" does not run when Eskom is off.  Hence we are now looking at upgrading to a hybrid system with batteries that can keep essential systems running during blackouts.

We can make suggestions for suppliers to use if you want to do something similar. Send us an e-mail.

Checking Out

"Good day, sir.  I need a bottle of lacquer thinners, please."
"Ja boet, we got thinners.  I dunno how lekker they are, hey?"

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