Megaplex Newsletter 2021 March: Shopping in Sandton

Shopping in Sandton – March 2021

Welcome to Megaplex's monthly newsletter! We alert the up-market shopper to the new and interesting in Sandton and Bryanston. Please feel free to support our advertisers!  To subscribe, see our subscription page.  Our jokes are good and original!  (Admittedly, the good ones aren't original, and the original ones aren't good).

Welcome ~ New Shops
Restaurant Review ~ Closed
Civic Tip ~ The Checkout

Practical Effective Self-Defence

KRAV MAGA Instructors:
Mike & Walter
SMS or phone 084 211 8888


Monday & Thursday nights, Saturday Afternoons,
at the Serbian Church Hall.
14 Tana Road, Sunninghill.

Links to Other Pages:
Megaplex Home – Overview of Shops, Facilities, and Accommodation in Northern Sandton.

Shopping Centres in Sunninghill:
The Square
Sunninghill Village
Sunhill Shopping Centre
Chilli Lane Shopping Centre
Chilli on Top Centre
The Core

Funeral Oration?
Would You Rather be in the

Learn public speaking in a relaxed, fun environment at Mariswe Toastmasters: Online on Tue 13 April at 18:00. Call or message Rick on 082 389 3482 or email

Shopping Centres in and near Bryanston::
Cramerview Village
Nicolway Shopping Centre
Coachman's Crossing
Grosvenor Crossing
Hobart Grove Centre
Bryanston Shopping Centre
Riverside Shopping Centre
Hurlingham Pick 'n Pay Centre
Bryanpark Shopping Centre
Epsom Downs
Sloane Square

Shopping Centres in the Woodmead area:
Wendywood Centre
Woodmead Value Mart
Woodmead Super Value
Woodmead Commercial Park
Woodmead Retail Park
Woodmead Square
Dunwoody Centre
Woodlands Office Park
Kelvin Village
The Bridge, Buccleuch
Other Shops and Shopping in Woodmead

Non-Religious? Meet other atheists & Humanists online:

The South African Secular Society (SASS) holds monthly social & educational Meetups online during Covid-19. Visit us on Meetup.

Shopping Centres in Central Sandton::
Grayston Shopping Centre
Atholl Square Shopping Centre
Sandhurst Centre, Rivonia Rd

Shopping in and around Rivonia:
Rivonia Central
Rivonia Village Centre
Rivonia Junction
Mutual Mews
Early Dawn Mall
Shops in Central Rivonia
Shops in Northern Rivonia
Cambridge Crossing
Petervale Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres in
Greater Morningside:

Morningside Shopping Centre
The Wedge, Morningside
Morning Glen Mall
90 Degrees on Rivonia
Morning View
Sandton Court
Benmore Gardens
Shops in the Morningside Area

Make a difference to others!

Lockdown does not stop people needing blood.

Donate at The Colony,  cor Jan Smuts & Rothesay Avenues, Craighall.  Phone:
011 447-6665
011 880-4994

Restaurants in Rivonia,
Rivonia Restaurant reviews
Sandton Restaurant reviews
Morningside Restaurant reviews

Other Places of Interest:
Sandspruit Hiking Trail,
Ernest Ullmann Park Recreation Centre,
Montrose Nursery Garden Centre and Gia's Coffee Shop

Do You Use Excel?  Making Mistakes is Easy!

Finding errors is hard! But they can kill your company! In 2012, a London Olympics employee accidentally typed in “20,000” instead of “10,000". The Olympic Committee then sold 10,000 tickets for non-existent seats at minor events. They had to upgrade them to major events —at a loss. Get this FREE report on preventing Excel mistakes..

What does Bubele do?

When I saw people were happy with the results of the river clean-ups, I applied 3 months ago to register as an NGO. I am still waiting for my NGO number.

I am passionate about helping people help themselves: not just handing out money to people. I love nature, particularly keeping our rivers clean. I do this because I love it.

I don’t receive any income for doing this and I actually get embarrassed when thanked.

I love sharing what’s happening on the river purely because I know all you love seeing the river clean too.

All donations go to supporting those in desperate need.
They either get a food parcel to the value of R200 or R200 in cash.
Most days I hire 6 people 5 times a week Mon - Fri ( when we clean the bridge it’s more like 10 people for 2 days in order to clear it quickly and efficiently - two out of 6 people are my leaders who I know and trust.
The others are mothers, children, or men who have lost their jobs.
We work hard and everyone has a quota of bags they need to fill for that day.
We start at 8am
Lunch 12-1pm
End at 4pm
We collect 50-100 bags per day.
The team really works hard trying to get all the bits of plastic out of the trees, plants, and soil as well as the polystyrene, blankets, bottles, tin, tires etc.
Working in and out of the river.
Pulling bags up and down the river to the point of collection.
Then hiring a driver weekly to dispose of all the bags.

I’ve also been asked to:
Fetch bricks and fill dongas (which has worked well).
Clean up the walls of complexes along the river.
Clear paths
Collect dying branches and trees in the river
Cut away branches that obscure riding paths.
Take it all to the dump

Things I do out of my own:
Provide the bags
Dispose of bags
Hire a driver for the day - and use my bakkie for loads and loads of either bags or branches.
Pay for the petrol.
Sometimes the dump will take stuff and other times we drive around to all the dumps.
Dan has kindly helped me many times with rubble disposal.
Contact City Parks for help
Many, many emails to City Parks and Pikitup and making people aware of our rivers.
Attending meetings - riding back and forth to the river 4 or 5 times a day.
Organizing work daily - clean up days.
Walking up and down the river asking people for support and donations.
So much more, depending on what’s happening.

My plea this year is for your support.
If I didn’t have to beg for donations constantly it would just make this task a lot easier.
Having a regular amount to work with each month would be amazing.
I hope my commitment to the task at hand has demonstrated my love for all our rivers. We also work along the river at Innesfree Park and Hurlingham. I’m given an amount to work with each month. This work has filled me with so much joy
I have met so many lovely people and made many friends.
Many people have assisted with encouragement, ideas, food, labour, donations, and clean-ups. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. There are too many people to thank personally and I would also be afraid of missing anyone out. To everyone - Thank you for trusting me and helping me along this journey.
It’s been the most incredible job and the hardest one too.
Kind Regards

Bubele banking details:
Account holder: Wendy Malpage
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Northgate
Account number: 1698005490
Contact: Wendy Malpage- 083 326 6097-
Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Odd Jobs

Kids' bedtime: "There shall be wailing and brushing of teeth."

Do You keep Repeating the Same Actions in Excel?

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Need Help Finding a Job?

Need your CV reviewed by an expert?  Book a 40-minute in-person or video consultation with Professional Executive Recruiter Jacques Kleynhans on 082 597 9022 for just R150. Appointments are strictly limited, and this introductory price will not last.

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From Daily Stoic: Don’t Get Even, Get Justice

These are angry times… with plenty to be angry about. From politicians that have failed us to systemic evils that have gone on for too long. Maybe you’re someone who was conned, pressured into spending money you didn’t have with the hope of promises someone didn’t keep. Maybe you were hurt in an accident. Maybe you were wrongly deprived of your liberties or fair share.

It makes sense that you’re angry. It makes sense that you’d want to get even.

But the Stoics would urge you to question that anger. Not because they think you should “accept” this ill-treatment, but because they think that getting revenge is not the right response. First, they would say that anger rarely leads to well-thought out responses. Second, because there is something better out there than getting even.

When Marcus Aurelius wrote “the best revenge is to not be like that,” he wasn’t precluding other actions. Given that he held up justice as a cardinal virtue and adjudicated many legal cases, we know that he was also a strong believer in holding people accountable. Musonius Rufus has a whole lecture entitled, “Will the philosopher prosecute anyone for personal injury?” which argues against holding personal grudges. Yet he also famously prosecuted several major cases in Rome against people who had committed grievous wrongs against other Stoics. He wasn’t doing this out of animus—he was doing it because he wanted justice. He wanted to prevent it from happening again.

So as we sit here today reflecting on a great laundry list of crimes and failures and misdeeds from people who were supposed to be serving the people, who were charged with following the law and protecting the common good, we should remember: It’s not revenge we’re after. Anger won’t help. What we need to get, at the ballot box, in the courts, in public, is not comeuppance, but justice.

We need to make sure these things can’t happen again.

Justice is one of the Four Stoic Virtues.

Funny Language, English...

Shouldn't a stage-coach be someone who trains actors?  Not an old-fashioned vehicle?

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  • Incredible Connection Woodmead in Woodmead Value Mart – Computers, Computer Software, games, laptops, PC, LCD screens, printers, cartridges, electronic accessories, audio – iPod, speakers, iPhone.
  • Aldo Outlet, lower level in Woodmead Value Mart – Branded shoes, e.g. Guess, Nine West, Aldo, Marion and Lindie.

Thought for the Day:

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” – Philip K. Dick, science fiction author.

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Is Lockdown Car Insurance a Scam?

According to recent advertising, Santam thinks a 20%-or-less discount, if your car is staying at home,  is a good deal. Good enough to brazenly flaunt "Smartpark" with "up to 20% off".  They should be ashamed of such a small discount.

To give them their due, Santam did pay out pretty promptly for our blown Cisco router, for the insured amount.  But they did insist on us getting quotes first, even though there was an insured amount.

The POPI Act (POPIA) is About to Become YOUR Problem...

The Protection of Personal Information Act. AKA the POPI Act, or POPIA, goes live on 1 July 2021.

It applies to everybody who holds data on other people.  Do you have an email list on your laptop?  A list of phone numbers on your phone?  Then it applies to YOU.

Say your laptop is stolen. Say you lose your cell phone. If you did not take "adequate" measures to protect that personal information, you can be liable for R10 million in fines or 10 years in jail.

If your laptop is missing, or if your cell phone is lost, how will you prove you took "adequate" measures? Nice Catch-22.

Here's a free course that tells you what the law says –in plain English.
It's as long as a typical evening seminar, but online.

Go here for more information and to sign up: Free Online POPI Act Training.

Did we mention that there's no charge for it?

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Overheard Near the Checkout

"The car's boot lid won't stay up in cold weather."
"Maybe you should get a stick..."
"And cane it for being naughty?"
"My idea was to prop it open, but yours sounds like more fun to watch!"

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