Megaplex Newsletter 2024 June: Shopping in Sandton - Elections done! Big Book Sale, Restaurant Review, Skeptics in the Pub, Shops opened and closed, 5% off supplements, jokes...

Shopping in Sandton – June 2024

Welcome to Megaplex's monthly newsletter! We alert the up-market shopper to the new and interesting in Sandton and Bryanston. We have shop  openings and closings, a rare restaurant review, news of a Big Book Sale and Skeptics in the Pub, attempts at humour like what you can learn from the backs of election posters and, of course, The Checkout.  Feel free to support our advertisers!  To subscribe, see our subscription page.

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Accommodation in Rivonia,
Restaurants in Rivonia,
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Sandspruit Hiking Trail,
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Thank You!

Thank you for voting on Wednesday 29 May.  The goal of bringing the ANC under 50% (40.2% actually) was achieved. Pity it was largely due to the MK party of eternal spoiler Jacob Zuma.  The MK Party has sent a real rogues gallery of misfits, failures, shady characters, and even an impeached former judge, to Parliament.  It will be interesting to see how so many who were complicit in state capture try to hold their former party to account.

Now we have a GNU, or reasonable facsimile, in the works. And a new President, who looks remarkably like the old President.  It has been confidentially learned that President Ramaphosa will announce his cabinet before the end of 2024.

But let's not scoff.  Coalition talks in other countries (Belgium, Holland, Israel) can take months.

We can be happy that the ANC has not gone the route of so many other African (and world) "liberation" movements.  It has lost its majority, and the ability to govern on its own.  Yet, there are no soldiers on the streets.  John Steenhuizen, Julius Malema and Velenkosini Hlabisa are not in prison or exile.  Cyril Ramaphosa has not gone on TV to suspend the constitution and declare himself President-for-Life.  As Jacob Zuma might have done in his place.

Contrast this with what happened in Zimbabwe, and continues to happen, with the full blessing and support of the ANC.

This political maturity and willingness to accept the will of the people is a good sign for the future.

You Know You're in South Africa when...

You want either less government corruption, or more opportunities to participate in it.

Big Book Sale at SPCA Book Nook Morning Glen

On Friday 26 and Saturday 27 July, the SPCA Book Nook at Morning Glen Mall is holding their renowned "Bag of Books" sale.  For R100 you can fill a supermarket shopping bag with as many second-hand books as you can. That's under R10 a book: An amazing bargain!  Proceeds go to the Sandton SPCA.

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  • The Crazy Store, Shop 06-07, Lower Level in Morning Glen Mall – Enlarged shop now open again: Specialized items and gifts. Reading glasses, Sunglasses, novels, birthday cards. Party things, bathroom, sewing, picture frames, baby range, candles. Dog and cat toys, gardening, braai, hardware, kitchen. Plasticware, sweets, glassware, clocks, boys' & girls' toys, and ---of course-- loads of balloons.
  • Express Print, Shop L24, Lower Level in Rivonia Central – Web design, print, promo, signage, neon, LEDs, flags and banners.
  • Hustle Hard Premium, Shop L23, Lower Level in Rivonia Central – Laundry, Apparel (we think they mean "clothes"), Promo. Hoodies, caps, sweaters, sweatpants, T-Shits, jeans, cargo pants, jackets, sneakers, belts, watches, socks, perfumes, dresses, underwear, etc.
  • Shara Hair Premium, Shop L22, Lower Level in Rivonia Central – Wigs and weaves.
  • Taste of Hyderabad Indian Restaurant, Shop 10A, Ground in Petervale Shopping Centre – Opened December 2023. Starters, soup, seafood/vegetarian/chicken/lamb curries with basmati rice, tandoori, biryani, bunny chow, roti, naan. Party services, wedding catering, home delivery.
  • Bud Box, Ground in Petervale Shopping Centre – Cannabis products, Distillate, Accessories, Edibles, CBD Health, T-Shirts. One of many around Johannesburg. Discover a "higher" standard of living.

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**** Restaurant Review: Ocean Basket Chilli Lane, Saturday 29 June 2024

The restaurant was empty when I arrived a little after 1 pm on this chilli day.  More patrons arrived during lunch.

I ordered an Appletiser, which is now R38, and the grilled OB Fish and well-done crispy Chips at R94. At least restaurants seem to have dropped the 99 cents from their prices, something supermarkets still practice.

Waiter Vusile brought my drink rapidly, and the fish just as I was finishing the complementary tiny bread buns with real butter.

The chips were crispy as requested –well done, in both senses!  The fish was tender and tasty, with enough sauce and a slice of lemon.  Detracting a bit, I found at least ten bones in the fish.  Vusile explained that the OB Fish (the cheapest on the menu) was difficult to debone, unlike the more expensive (R114) hake.  I've never had that problem before, so this seems like a poor excuse.

Nevertheless, a pleasant lunch at one of the chains Judith and I used to frequent.  It brought back bittersweet memories.

Contact Details for Ocean BasketBack to top

Odd Jobs:  Back to top

People who steal ancient musical instruments during an insurrection must be "luters".

Global Skeptics in the Pub: 19:00-21:00 on Friday 19 July

You are invited to join the first-ever Global Skeptics in the Pub event!  It will begin at 7pm local time in New Zealand on Friday, July 19, will go around the world, and end at 9pm local time in Hawaii (24 hours later on the same calendar day).

"Skeptics in the Pub" events are held sporadically in many countries including SA, but this is the first coordinated global one. The intention is to meet and discuss ideas in an informal atmosphere, sometimes actually in a bar.

The "Skeptics" mentioned are 'scientific skeptics' who maintain that empirical investigation of reality leads to the most reliable knowledge. Scientific skeptics try to evaluate claims based on verifiability and falsifiability; they discourage accepting claims that rely on faith or anecdotal evidence.  Humanists and atheists tend to be scientific skeptics, and you are welcome to join the Global Skeptics in the Pub event.

Your Designated Hosts will have a list of discussion topics to introduce if needed.

Locally, this event will take place in person in Sandton, led by the South African Secular Society.  An international connection on Zoom will link us to other participating organisations in similar time zones –like Kenya, Malta, Austria, Hungary and Belgium.

You may join or leave at any time, in person or online; we expect most will join around their local time of 7pm.  You are welcome to take photos & videos, and post them publicly on the web. We will conduct ourselves in the spirit of civil discourse. No contentious political issues, religion bashing, or ad hominem attacks, please.

Email Rick or WhatsApp/Telegram 082 389 3482 to participate.

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Kicked the Can:  Back to top

  • New Chef Indian Restaurant, Shop 10A in Petervale Shopping Centre – Opened December 2018. Starters, soup, seafood/vegetarian/chicken/lamb curries with basmati rice, tandoori, biryani, bunny chow, roti, naan. Open 10:00–21:30 daily.
  • May Omo Nigeria Kitchen, Shop L02B in Rivonia Central – African dishes, raw food and provisions (also home delivery). Was Lower Level.
  • L&PP Hair & Beauty, Shop L02A in Rivonia Central – Peruvian Hair, Indian Hair, Malaysia Hair. Braids Cornrows. Pedicure - Manicure - Spa Treatment - Waxing Massage - Polish - Screen Treatment etc. Was Lower Level.
  • Jah Corner Shop, Shop L15 in Rivonia Central – Clothing, Chalice, Pipes, Bongos, Rizla. Open Sun-Fri 09:30–16:00. Closed Saturdays and forever. Was Lower Level.
  • Cash Your Gold, Shop L05 in Rivonia Central – Best prices paid and instant cash payment for all your damaged or unwanted Gold or Silver Jewellery. Was Lower Level.
  • Zeek Gold Cash Depot, Shop L15 in Rivonia Central – Buy gold, diamonds, silver, fine watches, rare coins. Was Lower Level.

Thought for the Week:

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What Can We Learn from the Backs of Election Posters?

Before we turn our backs on the election, did you know that it's not just the front of election posters that tell you about each party?  The front may show you what the party wants you to see. But often the back of the poster can tell you more about the underlying truth of the party.

The backs of the posters of the EFF, BOSA, ActionSA, Rise Mzanzi, and the ANC are all white. This shows that they see themselves as all-white parties.  Whereas the posters of the DA are brown at the back, meaning that they see themselves as a multiracial party.

OK, if that sounded far-fetched, try this conclusion instead:

Which parties are in it for the long haul?  Not the EFF, BOSA, ActionSA, Rise Mzanzi, or even the ANC.  Why?  They use flimsy corrugated plastic board (corriboard) that lasts only one season outdoors.  The DA, by contrast, uses masonite. It's a sturdy hardboard made from wood fibres.  It can be re-used for the next election.  And usually is.

Which party is more environmentally friendly?  Again, the DA: The masonite can be re-used, and eventually repurposed or composted, being biodegradable.  The plastic posters are not biodegradable.  They can be recycled, but will they be? The DA's use of plastic cable ties instead of string might work against this thesis.  It is understandable: it makes the posters quick to put up and difficult for malicious people to remove.

But which party is the most public-spirited?  Sorry, not the DA.  Theirs were the first posters down after the election (in my area, at least).  Most of the others have come down since, long after the two-week deadline.  But Mmusi Maimane's BOSA is still proudly displaying its election posters. So that the Johannesburg municipality can fine them R500 per poster, money for the public coffers.  Now, that's what we call "public-spirited"!

Overheard at the Checkout

"I hear you retired. What are you doing now?"

"I'm very busy with voluntary work."

"That's noble of you! What are you doing?"

"The same. It's voluntary in the sense that I can choose to work --or to starve."

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