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Rooms To Let (One Available 1 July 2020) at Megaplex cc

Fully-furnished serviced rooms in a family home in Morningside Manor, Sandton, with all amenities.

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Your hostess and host are a married couple, Judith Taylor and Rick Raubenheimer, who live on the property at 126 Kelvin Drive (opposite Gary Avenue between Rivonia Road and Bowling Ave).  We are conveniently situated for students of the International Hotel School and Boston College (though not in walking distance), and have easy access to Rivonia and central Sandton.  To read more about the house, the property, and the surroundings, click here (new page).

All rooms share the use of the public areas with the owners and the other tenants: These areas include the  lounge, dining-room, kitchen, gardens, and pond (with fish, but no crabs!). The kitchen includes shared use of a refrigerator, freezer, griller, double oven, microwave oven, and gas and electric hobs. The rooms are fully serviced, including cleaning on weekdays, bed linen, duvet, towels, and once-a-week laundry (washing and ironing).  Each tenant is to provide his/her own food, cutlery and utensils unless arranged otherwise, and do his/her own cooking and prompt washing-up.  For those who don't want to cook, we are in walking distance of numerous restaurants, many of which deliver to the door, as do Delivery Xtreme and Mr Delivery.  There is parking for one car per tenant under trees, behind an automatic security gate. The property has an alarm linked to armed response, a 24-hour security guard directly opposite the entrance, and is on a well-lit busy road.

No VAT is charged on rent. A deposit of two months' rent is required (it may be paid –and returned– over two months).

The property has Wi-Fi, currently free (if used responsibly). Some meals and other facilities are available at an additional cost: Dinner, Breakfast (English or Continental). Computer use 25c/min; Internet access 50c/min; scanning, faxing, and printing: 50c/side (B & W) or R2/side (colour). DStv is available at an extra charge.  VAT is added to these services.

We have obligatory House Rules covering energy conservation, recycling, noise, security, etc. You will enjoy your stay more if you like dogs and cats, as we have several and they are friendly.  No pets of your own are allowed except by prior arrangement, and no smoking indoors.

These are all our rooms – some are not available at present:

Furnished Single Bedroom (Room 3) in house [below] – Possibly Available 1 August 2020.

Furnished Single Bedroom with Bathroom (Room 4) in house [below] – Available 1 July 2020.

Furnished Double Bedroom (Room 2) in house [below] – Not Available now.

Something bigger (available 1 September 2020 ): Furnished Cottage/Apartment (or Home-Office) attached to House [link to separate page]

Testimonials (further down the page)

Note: Rental figures below are subject to change without prior notice until a contract is signed and the deposit is paid.

Look at how much is included:

Optional Extras available at an Additional Charge:

We offer you a lease for a six-month or one year period, renewable.  The deposit is two month's rent, repayable within a week of departure. By arrangement, it may be paid (and returned) over 2 months. The Lessee must grant permission for the Lessor to make credit checks on him/her and to report performance to credit bureaux.

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Available 1 July 2020: Furnished Single Bedroom (Room 4) with en-suite Bathroom in House.

Room 4 at night (left)Room 4 at night (right)Room 4 is a cosy (about 9 m2 in size) fully carpeted south-facing bedroom suitable for one person, with private half-bathroom (shower, basin and toilet), cute bathroom courtyard, and shared use of most of the rest of the house.

Furniture includes a single bed, 54 cm wall-mounted TV, double built-in cupboard, curtains, washstand, heater, chair and desk with lamp. The room is fully serviced, including cleaning on weekdays, bed linen, duvet, towels, and twice-a-week laundry (washing and ironing).

Bathroom looking to courtyardBathroom showerRent of R4,200 per month for a 6-month lease includes Wi-Fi (if used responsibly), TV, rates, water, electricity, and shared use of kitchen, dining room, lounge, patio, garden, lapa and pond. No VAT is charged on rent. A deposit of two months' rent is required (it may be paid –and returned– over two months).

Your window looks out onto a tropical garden, sometimes with jungle cats sunning themselves (they, at least, think they are panthers!).

Possibly Available 1 August 2020: Furnished Single Bedroom (Room 3) in House

Room 3 is a cosy fully carpeted south-facing bedroom (size about 9 m2), for one person. The bathroom (bath, shower, basin, toilet) next door is shared with another room, visitors and office staff. Furniture includes a single bed, wall-mounted 54 cm TV, double built-in cupboard, chest of drawers, full-length mirror, chair, folding desk and lamp, and bedside table with lamp.  The room is fully serviced, including cleaning on weekdays, bed linen, duvet, towels, and twice-a-week laundry (washing and ironing).

Rent of R3,300 a month on a 6-month lease includes Wi-Fi (if used responsibly), TV, rates, water, electricity, and shared use of kitchen, dining room, lounge, patio, garden, lapa and pond. No VAT is charged on rent. Two months' rent is required as deposit (it may be paid –and returned– over two months).

This is the most affordable of the rooms and ideal for a student on a limited budget.  The desk provides study space and folds closed when not in use, concealing all those unpaid bills, unfinished assignments, unread books, sweet wrappers, and other messy paperwork.  The cats in the pictures are, sadly, no longer available at any price, but others come (and go!) at no extra charge.

NOT Available: Furnished Double Bedroom (Room 2) in House

Phone (07:00 – 21:00): Landline 011 802-2685, mobiles Rick 082 389-3482 or Judith 082 389-3481.
International: Replace first "0" with your trunk dialling code (usually 00), then Country Code 27.

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Joline Daniel-Fourie, Room 2

During Natalie's entire stay [Jan-Dec 2016], I was well at ease - knowing that she is safe and looked after. I can only give you my sincerest gratitude! May you and yours be truly blessed.  Thanking you ever so much!

Joline Daniel-Fourie, 076 336 1290, jotalie7 @ (22 November 2016)

Amma, Room 2

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a tenant in your home. You and Judith have been nothing but gracious and I will always appreciate it. Wishing you well.

Kind regards, Amma (29/09/2011)

Clyde Broskie, Room 3

Just to briefly put on paper my experience in room #3 at the above address

I resided at the above address for just over three months during the course of 2011. My experience was a very good one to say the least. The positioning of the address was very central for me. 12 minutes to work in Wynberg. 126 is only minutes away from all the shops that a bachelor like myself needed on a daily basis (Woollies'; Spar & PnP). Restaurants in the area are fantastic with all the regular restaurant chains also being very close by. Weekends shopping centers to people watch and chill at (Sandton City + Nelson Mandela Square (No need to elaborate here just really awesome everything there; NEW Morningside Shopping Centre (Tasha's & PnP); Gallomanor Shopping Centre (Burger Perfect). The Wedge on Rivonia (Woollies'; Chinese; Food lovers Market). 90 Degrees (Spar; Nando's; Pollpeta very good Italian; Steers)

The home and services for the fantastic prices is perfect. Fully serviced rooms including washing; ironing; cleaning; electricity & water. Rick and Judith have been letting rooms out for donkey's years. They have a very good idea of how it's all done. I was single at the time and it allowed me to rest my head with none of the everyday effort and expenses of renting or own one own unit locally. All the people are very accommodating and friendly owners and other tenants.

If you are looking at saving some cash every month, whilst in a happy central hassle free environment. Then 126 Kelvin Dr is the place for you. It gave me time to get my things back into prospective. If you want to call me for more comfort please feel free to do so. Happy staying at 126 Kelvin Dr.

Clyde Broskie, 084 225 9335, clydejb @ (04/11/2011)

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Ideal Student Accommodation – Location Relative to your School

For students of the International Hotel School in Sunninghill, we are a 5 km car trip away (or a minibus taxi ride plus a bit of a walk): Routes here (separate image).

Students at Varsity College in Waterstone Drive are only about 3.1 km away by minibus taxi or bus along Rivonia Road (cost about R7 per trip) plus a 1.5 km walk (Map from Megaplex to Varsity College).

Regenesys Business School in Sandton is 5.4 km south of us, with transport along Rivonia Road, including the Gautrain bus, Metrobus, PUTCO buses, and minibus taxis (Map from Megaplex to Regenesys). We are 390 m from Rivonia Road, which is a major transport route. The most luxurious transport, the Gautrain bus, runs to the Sandton Gautrain station, a 650 m walk from Regenesys. Along Rivonia Road also run Joburg Metrobus, PUTCO buses, and minibus taxis, with stops outside Sandton City, about 200 m from Regenesys. Fares per trip vary from about R20 for the Gautrain bus down to about R7 for minibus taxis.

The Health and Fitness Professional Association next to Planet Fitness in Rivonia is 2.2 km away –a quick jog if you are fit (which you must be to study there!), or by the Gautrain bus, Metrobus, PUTCO buses, and minibus taxis along Rivonia Road.

For other local amenities, please see out About page.

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House Rules

The Lessee (the person signing the lease) and/or the Tenant (the person living in the room), as applicable, shall:

  1. Pay all amounts due in terms of this lease free of exchange on or before the due date (usually the last working day of the previous month).
  2. Not cede or assign the lease, nor sub-let the Room to anyone.
  3. Use the leased Room only for his/her own residential use, and not permit any other persons to overnight in the Room unless prior permission is obtained from the Lessor.
  4. Keep the Room clean, habitable and tidy.
  5. Not smoke in the room or in the rest of the house, nor have guests do so.  Not litter the outside smoking area with cigarette butts.
  6. Permit the Lessor (Megaplex) or its duly authorised agent, and prospective Tenants, buyers, and estate agents to inspect the Room at all reasonable times.
  7. Not make any structural or other alterations to the Room without the Lessor’s written consent.
  8. Not do or allow to be done either by commission or omission anything that would increase the premiums or vitiate the policies of insurance on the house.
  9. Leave the premises clean and presentable, including doing washing-up promptly.
  10. Not cause any noise or nuisance that would in any way disturb the quiet and peaceful occupation of the neighbours and the other occupants of the property.  Silence is required between 21:00 and 6:00 daily.
  11. Switch off heaters and lights (including the bathroom light) when not in use.
  12. Maintain the interior of the Room in substantially the same overall condition it was at the commencement of the Lease, to the satisfaction of the Lessor.
  13. Immediately report, and later repair, any damage caused by the Tenant or by any guest of the Tenant.
  14. Not keep any pets, and not harm the Lessor’s pets nor feed them except as arranged.
  15. Not change any locks or install additional locks, burglar bars, security gates and the like.
  16. Fill in the “in/out board” on leaving the premises and clear it on returning.
  17. Always lock the exterior gates after leaving or entering the premises, and turn on the alarm system when she or he is the last one to leave.
  18. Use only the credentials supplied for the "Megaplex Guest" Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi usage is charged per month, and may be suspended with prior warning if use is excessive.
  19. Use hot water with due regard to other inhabitants, for example by showering rather than bathing.
  20. Separate glass, paper, cardboard, tins, glass, and kitchen waste for recycling as instructed.
  21. Stay out of the other bedrooms and the office unless permitted by the legal occupant.
  22. Not take or use anyone else's food or other possessions without permission.  (You would think this was common decency, but we put it in after we had a kleptomaniac tenant.)
  23. Not commit a breach of any of the duties of a Lessee/Tenant or of a citizen of the country as at common law or as imposed by legislation.  The Lessor reserves the right to search the Lessee/Tenant, the Lessee/Tenant’s possessions and visitors, if illegal behaviour is suspected.
  24. Grant permission for the Lessor to make credit checks on him or her and to report his or her performance to a credit bureau.
  25. Upon termination of the lease, notify the Lessor of his or her new postal and physical addresses for forwarding of post, found articles, summonses, etc.

Any act or omission of any employee, agent, friend, acquaintance or relative of the Lessee/Tenant or any person invited to the premises by the Lessee/Tenant or by any of these persons, or any person calling at the premises because the Tenant or any of these persons is or may be there, shall have the same effect for all purposes in terms of the lease as if such act or omission were the act or omission of the Tenant.

If the Lessee or Tenant fails to carry out any of their obligations within a reasonable period, the Lessor may do so if appropriate and recover a penalty charge for doing so from the Lessee.

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