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Welcome to the Megaplex Business Booster Newsletter as advertised in our longstanding Newsletter: "Shopping in Sandton".  This short monthly newsletter will give you quick tips that can make your business more profitable, safer and --possibly-- more fun!  

Business Tip: Would a Loyalty Programme Help? (Part 2)

Last month we asked, "Could a loyalty programme help your business?"  What if there was a ready-made programme that already has buy-in from major chains like Checkers, Spur, and Sorbet?  One that would reward your customers when they buy from you, but also reward them --and you-- when they buy elsewhere?  One, moreover, that is cheap to join and has no monthly fees at entry-level?

Such a scheme exists.  It is called the Lyoness Cashback Card.  Before you start giving out cards or recommending it to your customers, it is a good idea to get your own: It costs nothing!

You can register free at this link.  Please fill in your details (you do not need to tick the box "My Recommender [MEGAPLEX] registered me during a private meeting").  Download the Lyoness app to get a virtual card and a wealth of useful shopping features on your smartphone.

This Will Affect Your Business...

In exercising its constitutional obligation to facilitate public participation, Government invites your comment on changing the Constitution to allow for expropriating land without compensation.

Secure property rights are the foundation of all democratic societies.  Expropriation without compensation may start with land, but could easily be extended to all property.

Without title to land, those living on it cannot borrow against it, and hence have great difficulty building up wealth.  It would be detrimental particularly to the poorest, who will be prevented from getting a foot on the ladder of wealth creation.

The original  Constitutional committee under the chairmanship of Cyril Ramaphosa inserted the property rights clause into the Constitution.  Blacks had fought and died to get back property and property rights stolen from them.  Now as President, does Mr Ramaphosa want a country in which blacks have no property rights?

Restitution is essential, but it is not necessary to undermine property rights to achieve this. The State already has the right to appropriate land, but has failed to use it effectively.

It would even contradict the Freedom Charter, which says "The land shall be shared among those who work it", not that the land shall belong to the State, to allocate and remove it at the whim of officials, as has happened in Zimbabwe to its great detriment.

Please click this link to have your say, and then share with your contacts. 
The closing date is 15 June 2018 (an unusually short period for public participation).

Academy of Small Business CPD Programme:
Available Courses

Small Business guru Peter Carruthers writes:

Here is a list of courses available to you under this programme. These are courses open to the public: (click on any course title to go direct to the course page) 

Available Now
•    CrashProof your Business (R1497)
•    Business Writing Fast Track Secrets (R1497)
•    Small Business Owner Tax Course (R1497)
•    How to Build a Lifetime Business Online (R1497)
•    How to Use Email to Sell More to More People (R1497)
•    Perpetual Sales Mastery (R1497)
•    POPI Act Small Business Compliance (R2997)
   - This is a work-in-progress as we wind into  the legislation in SA.
•    Earnster Ninja Online-Business Mentorship (R4997 or R497/month x 12)

Coming this next month:
•    How to Start a Business - R197
•    Professional Presenting Skills Online & Offline - R1497

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