Doing Business in Sandton, May 2017



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Google Maps

(this tip first appeared in the Software Africa Newsletter - March 2017: subscribe here)

Worth book marking, is Google Maps. The first thing to do is to add your business. To do that, you will need to log on to Google (one logon for all of Google), or create a logon and password if you don't already have one. You can also add a Home location, which will later make it easy to get directions from there to anywhere else. If you log on to Google with your smartphone as well as your PC, then driving directions you get on your PC can later be found on the Google Maps app on your smartphone.

Simple email Marketing Course, Continued: "Give Back" First

Most people who get something useful for free, want to reciprocate.

Would you be more likely to buy from someone who gave you a valuable gift?

You can give your readers something valuable, and at the same time demonstrate your expertise.  Write about the problems your customers encounter, that you have solved.

Write about the problem, not the solution –though you do want to indicate that you were able to solve it!

People have an abiding need to be understood.  In writing about the problems your customers face, you will show that you understand them.  More below...

Direct Marketing for Free (Almost)!

Small Business guru Peter Carruthers writes:
"When I started my first venture in 1984 I read a book on finding clients.
The author wrote that small firms cannot afford to outmarket big rivals. For every R100,000 IBM spent on marketing, he suggested, a startup might afford 50 cents. At the time I competed with IBM. This resonated.
His solution was to write a monthly case study to only those people who might ever buy from me. I did that for 8 years and built a R50 million revenue firm.
When I tried advertising in a magazine the cost of a single advert was more than the yearly cost of the letters. And delivered no sales. Whereas the letters delivered sales each time I sent them.
I had the same results with faxes. And then with email.
Email is the most effective way to make more sales. It is the cheapest way to reach anyone. And you can do it for free.
Check out my course on the subject here.
  • Learn how to find email prospects.
  • Find out what to say to them.
  • See how to start for free.
  • Understand how to scale up once it works for you.
  • Ask questions en route.
The March/May period in SA is usually harrowing. Too many holidays. Not enough sales. So, a special discount until May 31...TONIGHT!
Invest in the How to Use Email to Sell More to More People course. Get 33 years of direct marketing and emailing experience for R597-00. (That's R700 off the regular price until midnight May 31.)
You will be making more sales before this coming weekend. (One client started making sales the afternoon she started.)
Warm regards
Peter Carruthers"

All the best from Rick at Megaplex!

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